April 1, 2024 – Hillary Clinton scolds voters complaining about their choice between Trump/Biden: “Get over yourselves.”

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“Get over yourselves.” That is the intemperate advice from two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who has scolded voters complaining about the likely prospect of a Donald Trump versus Joe Biden rematch in the 2024 presidential election campaign.

She delivered her blast Monday night during an interview on The Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon, saying:

Get over yourselves, those are the two choices … And, you know, it’s one of, like, one is old & effective & compassionate, has a heart and really cares about people, and one is old and has been charged with 91 felonies.

I don’t understand why this is a hard choice, really.


(Read more: Breitbart, 4/02/2024) (Archive)

ESPN host Stephen Smith said former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton telling voters to get over themselves about a Biden-Trump re-match is “detached” from how the voters are feeling.

Clinton told voters to “get over yourself” during a television appearance with late night host Jimmy Fallon, highlighting how President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are the “two choices,” The Hill reported.

“I don’t think it was a very wise statement on her part,” Smith told CNN’s Abby Phillips Tuesday. “Look how that worked out for her in 2016.  I think that’s something we have to recognize. Yes, you won the popular vote, but at the end of the day, she wasn’t the President of the United States. It was him [Trump]. You can look at her not campaigning in Wisconsin in the last days, not campaigning in Pennsylvania in the last days. You can look at some of the stuff they were staying about her to sort of distracted things from where it should’ve been in terms of Comey and the report from the FBI. You can bring up a whole bunch of things but at the end of the day, the last thing you need to do is to do anything that could agitate a particular voter in this particular election.” (Read more: The Daily Caller, 4/03/2024)  (Archive)