April 15, 2020 – ODNI/DOJ declassifies more IG FISA report footnotes

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations, Independent Researchers by Katie Weddington

Twitter user/deep diver Undercover Huber reviews some of the more interesting footnotes declassified and released today by ODNI and DOJ.  His Twitter thread carries the before and after footnotes, we are just posting the unredacted copy. Starting with footnote 17:

17. Steele said MI6 gave consent to him working with IG

21. IG did not review all material collected under FISA

63. CHS operations were NatSec extraterritorial (needs higher approval per FBI manuals)

164. USG agency not running Mifsud as asset, but no derogatory info either

166. A “senior intelligence official” was present at a meeting on July 27 2016, providing the FFG information on Papadopoulos (likely in London)

205. Evidence Chris Steele lied by denying he thought he was an official CHS, as payments to him had CHS’s “Payment Name”

208. A 2015 report written by FBI’s TOCI Unit on 10 Russian oligarchs noted between Jan-May 2015 “5 of these had their intermediaries contact Steele”. These were “outreach efforts” by Steele with the Oligarchs. Gaeta was AWARE of these efforts and Oligarch contacts!

211. “Sensitive source” reporting from June 2017 indicated that a “person affiliated” with Russian Oligarch 1 (Oleg Deripaska) was “possibly aware” of Steele’s election investigation as of early July 2016

214. Confirmation none of Steele’s sources from his time at MI6

244. Info about Person 1 (assessed as being Sergei Millian), still heavily redacted

253. A number of these reports do not appear in the BuzzFeed published dossier – e.g. 132, 137 and 139.

253. Steele report “139” (not published by BuzzFeed), says that “Person 1 [Sergei Millian] was forced to lie low abroad following his/her exposure in the western media and was currently in [redacted]”….

253. …Report 139 being about Person 1 (Sergei Millian) suggests Steele kept giving reports to FBI/Gaeta AFTER being terminated by an FBI CHS as Millian was only identified in the WSJ in early 2017. Also, Steele appears to know Person 1’s location

276. The FBI wanted FISA surveillance in place on Page before Mon Oct 17 due to his upcoming travel to the U.K and South Africa.

293. Sally Yates authorized overseas surveillance of Carter Page.

296. MI6 said Steele was only in a “moderately senior” position, which contradicted the “high ranking” position suggested by Steele to the FBI.

301. Person 1 info still redacted 🤔

302. Person 1 had contact with suspected Russian intelligence persons and entities

328. During a London meeting with MI6, Bill Priestap (who authorized opening the CH probe) “may have made a commitment to MI6 not to document [MI6s] views on Steele as a condition for obtaining the information”

The FBI DID NOT WANT anything derogatory in writing🚨

334. Steele’s Primary Sub Source did NOT view his/her contacts as a “network of sources, but rather as FRIENDS with whom he/she has conversations about current events & government relations”

339. Page/Sechin meeting allegation came from a source linked to RUS intel 🚨

342. In late Jan 2017, FBI aware that Russian intel may have targeted Steele’s company Orbis [redacted] and research all publicly available information about it [redacted].

342. By early June 2017 US Intel Community report indicated two persons affiliated with Russian intelligence were aware of Steele’s election investigation in early July 2016 [Note: one of these may be the same person linked to Oleg Deripaska mentioned in FN211]

347. FBI received info in early June 2017 that revealed there were [long redaction] “personal and business ties between the sub-source and Primary Sub Source; contacts between the sub-source and an individual in the Russian Prez Admin in June/July 2016….” 🚨 [Note: Smolenkov?]

350. FBI received a report on Jan 12 2017 giving inaccuracies in Steele’s reporting. Nothing else new unredacted from the previous release.

Note: Wording and timing strongly suggests this came from the British government and was given to then NSA Michael Flynn’s office.

368/377. Like Sally Yates, Dana Boente and Rod Rosenstein authorized overseas surveillance of Page.

372. This is first direct evidence that FISA material collected after the 3rd improper FISA (renewal 2) has been sequestered as ordered by the FISA court.

379. FBI conducted PHYSICAL searches under the Page FISA (which appear to have taken place on July 13 and July 29 2017, after the final FISA was authorized). The FBI did not meet minimization procedures, which it disclosed to the FISC nearly two years later 🚨

389. The ODNI/DOJ are *still* redacting the words “Russian-based” for some reason. Someone really doesn’t want people to know whether the “Primary Sub Source” was really Russian-based or not 🤔

464 & 484. Appears to repeat the similar new info on Mifsud as FN164

526. More details on the National Security nature of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation and the use of extraterritorial CHS’s

(Credit: Undercover Huber @JohnWHuber with before/after footnotes, 4/15/2020)  (Archive) (Footnotes PDF)