April 22, 2024 – Western Lensman – A Warning to America: 25 Ways the US is Being Destroyed | Explained in Under 2 Minutes (Video)

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations, Featured Timeline Entries by Katie Weddington

🟥ONE: Open borders and illegal immigration.
🟥TWO: Rampant crime and unsafe cities.
🟥THREE: Mass addiction and fentanyl.
🟥FOUR: Election insecurity and interference.
🟥FIVE: The educational indoctrination of children.
🟥SIX: The asymmetrical weaponization of justice.
🟥SEVEN: The destruction of private property rights.
🟥EIGHT: Inflation and debt.
🟥NINE: The global depopulation agenda.
🟥TEN: Record-low fertility and plummeting birth rates.
🟥ELEVEN: Unaccountable federal bureaucracies.
🟥TWELVE: The toxic food supply.
🟥THIRTEEN: Vaccine and pandemic disinformation.
🟥FOURTEEN: The trans contagion and sterilization of 🟥children.
🟥FIFTEEN: The over prescription of pharmaceuticals.
🟥SIXTEEN: The destruction of the nuclear family and parental rights.
🟥SEVENTEEN: DEI and the new racism.
🟥EIGHTEEN: Moral and societal decay.
🟥NINETEEN: The financing of endless foreign wars.
🟥TWENTY: The sprawling surveillance state.
🟥TWENTY-ONE: The centralization and consolidation of government power.
🟥TWENTY-TWO: The destruction of trust in institutions.
🟥TWENTY-THREE: The Censorship Industrial Complex.
🟥TWENTY-FOUR: State-media propaganda.
🟥TWENTY-FIVE: The smearing of those who challenge it.