April 30, 2020 – Andrew Weissmann: Trump has no business pardoning General Flynn

In Email/Dossier Investigations by Katie Weddington

Andrew Weissmann (Credit: public domain)

“One of special counsel Robert Mueller’s top prosecutors said he believes the Justice Department is trying to “soften the blow” of a presidential pardon for retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

Andrew Weissmann, a former Justice Department official who was known as Mueller’s “pit bull” during the Russia investigation, said President Trump has “no business” pardoning his former adviser and took another shot at the outside prosecutor whom Attorney General William William Barr ordered to review the government’s case against Flynn:

“I was in the Department of Justice for over 20 years, and I think the way I look at this is from the parochial point of view of what I think the department is doing, which I think the department is trying to soften the blow and make it politically easier for the president to pardon Gen. Flynn. The disclosure of documents from a purported neutral team that is reviewing the Flynn case, it seems kind of laughable to me,” Weissmann told MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace on Thursday.”

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