April 5, 2024 – Tony Bobulinski sues Rep. Dan Goldman for defamation

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Dan Goldman (Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Former Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski sued Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) for defamation, a Friday court filing revealed.

Bobulinski is Hunter Biden’s former business partner who alleged that then-Vice President Joe Biden, the “big guy,” was slated to receive a ten percent stake in a deal with the CEFC China Energy Company, an entity closely linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The suit surrounds Goldman’s post on X in which he claimed in March that Bobulinski made “false allegations” with the help of a Trump-affiliated lawyer.  Goldman claimed:

Goldman refused to take down the post.

In turn, Bobulinski sued the Democrat on Friday. The suit reads:

Defendant lied solely to serve his political agenda by deliberately besmirching the character of Mr. Bobulinski and to protect Joseph Biden. Defendant’s assertions are unequivocally false and defamatory. Mr. Bobulinski demanded a complete retraction and deletion of his posts made on X (formerly Twitter) on March 26, 2024, which Defendant wholly ignored. Accordingly, Mr. Bobulinski seeks to hold Defendant accountable for his malicious and knowing lies.

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