August 10, 2023 -Trump White House official confirms Michigan voter fraud report and claims Bill Barr shut down investigation

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On Thursday, former Trump administration General Counsel Personnel Police Operations Andrew Kloster joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss the Muskegon, Michigan 2020 voter fraud scandal.

Andrew Kloster said he notified Bill Barr’s DOJ – and Barr and his cronies smacked him down and killed the investigation.

(…) Below is the transcript:

Steve Bannon: Tell me your story related to this situation that’s come up the last couple of days, a Gateway Pundit breaking this story on the situation in Michigan about these applications, voter registration applications in  Michigan. Can you walk me through your knowledge of this?

Andrew Kloster: So it was kind of funny. I saw GBI Strategies on a Tweet, and I immediately went down the rabbit hole because it brought back a lot of memories of the waning days of the Trump administration. So this was right before the election, 2020. I was in the White House. I was also at the Office of Personnel Management. So I was like the main personnel attorney, government-wide and hatchet man and all of that. And I did a lot of spot projects and fixing just generally across the admin on behalf of the president and his agenda…  I’ve been in the movement for a long time. I was at Heritage. I’ve worked with lots of people at the state level. I did the Wisconsin investigation for Gableman. So I have a wide network. And I got a call basically saying, look, I’ve got a spooked law enforcement senior guy, been there like 20 years, unimpeachable record out in Muskegon, Michigan, and he’s got a story that we think is worth looking into. And that’s exactly what Gateway Pundit is talking about. So I can confirm a lot of the details and give you some more.

What ended up happening is my understanding, I reached out and spoke with some local law enforcement. What happened was there was a woman, my understanding is basically loitering outside of a dropbox all day, and she gets picked up by a junior guy and arrested because he’s like, what are you doing? You’re stuffing this box. What’s going on? So they arrest her, and she basically spills the beans. She’s a democratic operative. She’s got filled-out ballots, like 7000 is what I was hearing, and they arrested her. Now, the senior guy, my understanding was off at the time. So the junior guy who picked her up, got her statement and released her, and she went back to Detroit… She went back to Detroit. The senior guy comes back in the next day or later in the day and says, what the know? You had her dead to rights. Why did you release her? And starts trying to get an extradition order from Detroit, because this is before the election. We’re hearing there could be voter fraud. And here you’ve got someone basically copping to it and caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Detroit doesn’t give an extradition order, and the next thing you know, everyone clams up and I’m hearing, well, Benson’s leaning on people threatening jobs. So when I hear this in the, you know, we’ve got our eyes out, at least the loyal ones, I try to raise a red flag. I do a little bit of light reaching out, not to disrupt anything, but just to kind of vet and make sure that I’m dealing with people who aren’t lying and people who are credible.

And then I try to reach out to different components within the Trump administration to this. There’s at least probable cause? Now, I’m an attorney, I’ve worked on some criminal stuff. There’s at least probable cause here. Someone should take a look, talk with the relevant law enforcement and figure out what happened here. Because just as what happened with you know, you’ve got someone basically copping to voter fraud and, you know, you get the whole story and then the next thing you know they’re out in Jamaica or whatever. The Dems have found the person, co opted them, told them to shut up and then plugged all the leaks.

There were basically, my understanding, was there were standing orders not to deal with election matters, both from the White House Council and from Barr. I happened to know Barr’s Chief of Staff, Will Levi, because I had worked at Heritage and ran into him at a lunch basically for Senate staffers. And he had been a Senate counsel when I was there. So I knew him. I called him up and tried to put the flag up into the voting rights section, CRD-DOJ and White House Counsel in a couple different places and got stiff-armed. And then later on hear from Johnny and others that basically then the White House counsel swoops in and starts screaming, what the hell are you guys doing? So that’s really the nuts and bolts of it.

The Gateway Pundit cannot confirm or deny Andrew’s statement on Steve Bannon’s appearance today.  We hope to get commentary from all of those involved.

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