August 2, 2023 – Tucker Carlson interviews Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Devon Archer

In Conservative Treehouse, Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations by Katie Weddington

Tucker Carlson sat down with Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer following Mr. Archer’s testimony to a House Oversight Committee. {Direct Rumble Link}.  The first part of that interview was broadcast by Tucker Carlson via Twitter.

Within this part of the interview Tucker Carlson asks Devon Archer about the overall business model Archer and Biden formed in Burisma and what was the specific set of skills that Hunter brought to the enterprise.  As noted by Mr. Archer, the relationship and purpose of Hunter Biden was entirely about access to government systems that could benefit the businesses who hired their firm.  They were selling influence as a business model and Joe Biden was part of the process.  WATCH:

There are many people rightly demanding Joe Biden be impeached for selling his office and influence, as exhibited in the examples of Hunter Biden. However, I would temper any expectations in that direction by noting this “influence selling” is the currency of the entire system. Democrats and Republicans both have family members and businesses based on this system.

Additionally, as we have written in these pages for many years, the entire purpose of the House and Senate Foreign Relations Committee is to sell political policy influence to foreign governments. Seats on committees are assigned to politicians based on their status within the hierarchy. The example of Hunter Biden and Devon Archer via Burisma is one of hundreds of similarly constructed mechanisms.

Joe Biden will never be impeached for selling his office to foreign governments. It will never happen. Senator Joe Biden was Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee for exactly this reason. (Read more: Conservative Treehouse, 8/02/2023) (Archive)

Tucker Carlson/Devon Archer – Part 2