August 22 – October 13, 2016 – Steele, Simpson, and Sussmann pitch to DOJ and State that Sergei Millian is a key intermediary in the Trump-Alfa Bank server conspiracy

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations by Katie Weddington

Sergei Millian (Credit: Twitter)

“The foreign mercenary Christopher Steele was interviewed by the FBI in “early October” of 2016 and he slandered Sergei Millian (PERSON-1) as a key sub-source who Steele said was in direct contact with his primary “collector” (Primary Sub-source, PSS).

However, in addition to claiming Sergei to be a key, unwitting sub-source to FBI investigators, Steele, his employer Glenn Simpson, and his employer Michael Sussman were in the weeks before and after the meeting also frantically pitching Millian as a key operating intermediary in the Russia related Alfa Bank scandal through contacts in both the DOJ and State DepartmentTo wit:

On August 22, Glenn Simpson provided Bruce Ohr with the names of three individuals who Simpson thought were potential intermediaries between Russia and the Trump campaign. One of the three names provided by Simpson was Sergei Millian. Another of the names was Carter Page’s “business partner”. h274 (Archived copy DOJ OIG FISA Report 12/09/2019)

On September 14, Christopher Steele wrote in Report 112, that Alfa Bank had close ties to Putin, including blackmail. The article set the atmospherics for the portending Alfa Bank Attack. h119

On September 19, Michael Sussmann, a partner in the Perkins Coie law firm and cyber-technology expert and former Justice Department attorney, pitched the Alfa server connection directly to FBI’s James Baker, the former FBI general counsel and close adviser to fired FBI Director James B. Comey.*  Sussmann was also the lawyer who spearheaded the handling of the alleged hack of the DNC servers.

On September 23, Christopher Steele alleged to Bruce Ohr that an Alfa Bank server in the United States was a link between Russia and the Trump campaign; that Millian’s Russian/American organization in the United States had used the Alfa Bank server earlier in September; and that an individual working with Carter Page was a Russian intelligence officer. h274

Also sometime in “late September”, Eric Lichtblau of the New York Times met with Crossfire agents at Bureau’s headquarters who had learned he was in the process of writing a story on the Alfa bank allegations. The FBI asked Lichtblau to delay publishing a story in the interest of the investigation, and from him they obtained compliance. The New Yorker, 10/08/2018

On October 3rd, Christopher Steele is interviewed by FBI agents in Rome. He names Sergei Millian as a key sub-source responsible for the most shocking and vivid claims in the Dossier. It is never mentioned whether Steele relays any information to the FBI about Alfa Bank, or whether FBI asked about it.

Days after meeting with the FBI in early October, Steele relayed the Milian/Alfa Bank allegations to Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec at the State Department on October 11th. h117

On October 13th, two days after the meeting with Steele, Kavalec emailed an FBI CD Section Chief a document that Kavalec received from Jonathan Winer, long time friend of Steele, buttressing the allegations about a linkage between Alfa Bank and the Trump campaign. The Section Chief forwarded the document to SSA 1 the same day. h119

Thus, at the same time that the Carter Page FISA was being finalized, Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson were alleging that the main sub-source of Steele’s Dossier, Sergei Millian, was also acting as a key intermediary in a concurrent, active subplot with Russia. In fact, after the Trump Campaign jettisoned both Paul Manafort and Carter Page by late September, the specific updated narrative being pitched by Fusion GPS was that Michael Cohen and Sergei Millian had stepped up and “replaced” them as key intermediaries linking Trump to Russia. h282

The Alfa-Bank allegations were being received into FBI by no less than 4 different outlets, and likely a critical 5th:

Michael Sussman -> James Baker
Glenn Simpson -> Bruce Ohr
Eric Lichtblau -> Crossfire Team
Steele Memo 112 -> David Corn -> James Baker
Christopher Steele -> Early October interview?
It is within the context of this overwhelming, behind the scenes, concerted campaign by Steele, Simpson, and Sussman, that the Dragon FISA emails must be re-examined…(Read more: MonsieurAmerica, 3/09/2020)  (Archive)

The Independent post’s a story as late as March 30, 2017, repeating Steele’s Alfa Bank hoax. Horowitz reported on pg. 119 of the FISA report that the FBI determined in February 2017, there was no connection between Trump and the Alfa Bank server.

(Timeline editor’s note: We noticed there is a huge hole in the timeline regarding Sergei Millian and the Dragon FISA. Monsieur America has sourced that story with excerpts from IG Horowitz’s FISA report and  we will be breaking his article down into several timeline entries. The Dragon FISA tag will be included in all.)