August 26, 2011 – Clinton State Dept refuses to classify Boko Haram as a terrorist group in Nigeria, keeping focus off of money laundering and Clinton Foundation profits

In Clinton Foundation Timeline by Katie Weddington

Boko Haram aims to impose a harsh form of Islamic law on Nigeria. Its name means Western education is a sin. (Credit: The Star)

“In 2011, Boko Haram bombed a UN facility in Nigeria. But the Clinton State Dept. refused to classify them as a Foreign Terrorist Organization under US law which would prohibit banks from funding them and resulting in a focus on money laundering from Nigeria as the CF profited.

Hillary spent her entire time at State attempting to intervene like a Neo-Con in every failed state to make money for her friends. But chose to not help Nigeria, a country her friends were already skimming from.

Tens of thousands of Africans would die to Boko Haram terrorism while Hillary prevented the State Dept from classifying them as a terrorist organization.

President Buhari of Nigeria even accused the US of aiding & abetting Boko Haram.

So State & Treasury, run by Clinton & LaHood both drug their feet in investigating Boko Haram’s finances in Nigeria. LaHood flipped for taking cash from Chagoury! The Clintons took much more!

Only after both left the cabinet did State & Treasury finally go after them.

Any investigation of illegal finance in Nigeria would pose a risk to Chagouri, Rich, & other Clinton partners in Nigeria. It is all one long string of corruption for decades.

Would the Clintons have known of Chagoury’s terrorist financial ties? YES!

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