August 5, 2023 – The curious case of Alex Kotlarsky who helped Hunter secure a position on Burisma’s Board and collected a ‘finders fee’ from him

In Email/Dossier Investigations by Katie Weddington

Alex Kotlarsky (Credit: Marco Polo)

Attentive readers of our Report on the Biden Laptop (“Report” or “dossier”) likely noticed that for a select few individuals we could not locate a photo before publication. We attempted for over a year, utilizing multiple PIs & other tools, but the Report was released in October 2022 with a few outstanding: Kathy Chung (since identified), OH Suk “Scott” (still trying; see pages 109-110 in our dossier), & Alex KOTLARSKY. Those individuals were clearly demarcated with a question mark in the dossier, as seen below on page 140.

KOTLARSKY is critical to the Burisma grift — both for Hunter Biden & Devon Archer, whose recent limited hangout interviews & Congressional testimony has generated significant press in the Conservative, Inc world. We urge you all to re-read the relevant portions of our Report which deal with this enigmatic figure:

Page 140 in our Report

Page 141 in our Report

Page 166 in our Report

Additionally, footnote 376 on page 67 in our Report explained the relevant money flow with respect to Burisma & KOTLARSKY: “Based on the contents of the Biden Laptop, Marco Polo can prove that the following statement was a blatant lie: ‘Because of Burisma’s stated commitment to corporate best practices, it was able to attract well-qualified board members, including the former president of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski, a leading advocate of democratic principles in the region. President Kwasniewski, familiar with Hunter’s work on behalf of Burisma, recommended that Hunter join the board.’ In reality, Hunter joined Burisma’s board due to the Kremlin-tied Alex KOTLARSKY. In fact, for the first 10 months of his board membership, Hunter paid KOTLARSKY one-third of his board payments as a [so-called] ‘Finders Fee.’”

The only Congressional action that Marco Polo is aware of with regard to KOTLARSKY is a letter to the Department of Treasury in June about any SARs filed mentioning him. That is woefully inadequate. KOTLARSKY needs to be deposed & compelled to produce documents immediately. We specify which documents need to be produced in our Report. All one has to do is read it.

–Garrett Ziegler, Founder (MarcoPolo/Substack, 8/05/2023)  (Archive)

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