August 6, 2017 – The DOJ releases a partially redacted FOIA doc by Carter Page and he tweets an unredacted copy of the email

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations, Independent Researchers by Katie Weddington

In response to a congressional FOIA request, the Department of Justice FOIA library releases records concerning Fusion GPS, Chris Steele and Nellie Ohr from January 13, 2016 – July 3, 2018. 

Interim – Part 1 (March 15, 2018 – June 28, 2018)

​​Interim – Part 2​ (January 5, 2018 – March 8, 2018)

Interim – Part 3​ (March 6, 2017 – January 4, 2018)

Twitter user Brennan’sOrangeJumpSuit @15poundstogo, a great deep diver of document dumps, finds an email with the sender’s name redacted and it is addressed to several DOJ members. He then posted the email to Twitter with the following question:

Little did Brennan’sOrangeJumpSuit know, the redacted name in the email belonged to Carter Page. A few hours later, Carter Page tweets the unredacted version of the email.

Here is a clearer look at Carter Page’s email:

Maureen Dowd’s NYT editorial is titled, “Bobby Sticks It To Trump, 8/05/2017.