August 7, 2023 – Facebook Files – Part 4: FBI lied under oath about extensive meetings with Zuckerberg’s platform re the Biden laptop

In Email/Dossier Investigations by Katie Weddington

Elvis Chan and Laura Dehmlow (Credit: public domain)

In a sworn deposition in the Missouri v. Biden case, FBI special agent Elvis Chan, who is the main conduit between the bureau and big tech companies, claimed that apart from one instance, he was not aware of any meetings between Facebook and the FBI regarding the Hunter Biden laptop story.

In the same deposition, he also claimed that he had “no internal knowledge” of the FBI’s investigation regarding the troubled Biden son’s laptop.

The Facebook files reveal both claims to be false. An internal Facebook communication reveals that Chan had more than one meeting with Facebook regarding the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Moreover, it reveals that, contrary to his claims of having no knowledge about the investigation, Chan confidently told the tech company — a day after the story broke and had been censored by the platform — that there was no evidence of any foreign connection “there was no current evidence to suggest any foreign connection…of the leaks.”

When Facebook initially asked the FBI if the Hunter Biden laptop story was real, Laura Dehmlow, currently Section Chief of the Foreign Influence Task Force, said “no comment.” At that point, the FBI was fully aware that the laptop was real, according to Rep. Jordan. (Read more: Breitbart, 8/07/2023) (Archive)