December 16, 2019 – Judge Sullivan issues 92 page memorandum denying Flynn’s motion to withdraw his plea and berates Sidney Powell

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations by Katie Weddington

(Credit: Bill Hennessy)

“General Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to one count of false statements in the Mueller miasma. After pleading guilty to the charge on two separate occasions, Flynn retained new counsel, proclaimed his innocence, alleged prosecutorial misconduct, urged the court to hold the prosecutors in contempt, and sought dismissal of the case against him based on government misconduct. Having chosen to forego a motion to withdraw his guilty plea and to waive his rights in connection with his guilty plea(s), Flynn was up against it with his post-plea motions.

In a 92-page memorandum opinion issued yesterday (embedded below), Judge Emmet Sullivan denied Flynn’s motions and berated attorney Sidney Powell for lifting a portion of her brief to boot. (I think this is misplaced; I am just noting it.) Flynn was stuck with the avowals and admissions he made in his plea(s). Judge Sullivan has set sentencing for January 28. FOX News’s Gregg Re reports on the opinion here.

Judge Sullivan had all but invited Flynn to withdraw his plea. He was accordingly unimpressed by the merits of Flynn’s various post-plea demands for documents and related motions. The opinion notes in several places that General Flynn does not dispute the falsity of the statements that form the basis of the charge against him. See, for example, opinion pages 32-34. Judge Sullivan emphasizes that Flynn had much of the requested information in hand when he chose to plead guilty. Assuming he was deprived of information he now seeks, Judge Sullivan concludes, the remedy would be trial rather than dismissal.


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