December 2, 2015 – Viktor Shokin says Ukraine’s Azov Battalion was used to intimidate and threaten titanium oligarch, Dmitry Firtash

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations by Katie Weddington

John Solomon releases documents that highlight Joe Biden engaging in a pressure and influence campaign on the government of Ukraine. One of the documents is a sworn affidavit by former Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin (pdf here). Pages 1-3 of his statement are presented below and describe Arsen Avakov and the ultra-right Azov battalion who are used to intimidate and threaten Ukraine oligarch, Dmitry Firtash (DF), should he decide to return home.

A photograph of armed men at Ukraine’s Borispol airport is posted on Arsen Avakov’s Facebook page.

(Part of the sworn statement of former Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, 9/04/2019)