February 21, 2024 – IRS official tells O’Keefe Media Group reporter that the IRS uses AI to spy on American citizens and businesses bank accounts: Is it Constitutional? “I doubt it.”

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O’Keefe Media Group has infiltrated the IRS!

According to Alex Mena, an IRS official with the criminal investigations unit in New York, who met with O’Keefe Media Group’s undercover journalist, the IRS uses artificial intelligence technology to spy on American citizens and company bank accounts without a warrant or evidence to uncover what they consider fraud.

According to the source, the IRS is “going after the small people” and “destroying people’s lives.” All of the agents are “like robots,” said Mena.

(…) Via O’Keefe Media Group:

An unwitting Internal Revenue Service whistleblower recently revealed to O’Keefe Media Group how the IRS uses artificial intelligence technology to spy on bank accounts of American companies and American citizens “nationwide.”

In fact, this artificial intelligence technology is so useful to the IRS’s spying operation that “in six months, they were able to capture half a billion dollars,” according to our subject.

When asked if it was constitutional for the government to search Americans’ bank records without a warrant, Alex Mena, an IRS official with the criminal investigations unit in New York, told our undercover reporter, “I doubt it,” and laughed the question off.“It’s crazy,” he added. While agreeing that this kind of spying with AI is invasive, Mena said, “a lot of people are like not happy with it.”

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Mena also stated, “We have like all the information from all the companies in the whole world actually, not just in the United States.”

Recall that O’Keefe Media Group released footage from our infiltration of the No Mas Muertes nonprofit group, affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson, which has a $400,000 budget and the tax-exempt status of a church. It became apparent when a man offered to take our undercover journalist posing as an illegal alien to Phoenix for $300 that the group–which has been raided by Border Patrol numerous times over the years for human smuggling and interfering with Border Patrol operations–may be working with the cartels to facilitate human smuggling. Oddly enough, the IRS appears to take no interest in this tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization for misusing funds and violating American laws. Instead, the IRS is more focused on “going after the small people” and “putting people in prison,” says Mena.

All of them are “like robots” and have no problem “destroying people’s lives,” Mena said of the new agents that he met with recently. Are these some of the 87,000 new agents that Joe Biden as part of the so-called Inflation Reduction Act?

Alex Mena also revealed that “The IRS, because it’s a federal agency, we are right under the Congress and the President. The States really [don’t] have a say in what we do.” He also agrees that it’s “AI whether we want it or not.” This program isn’t even overseen by the IRS, but instead, the US Department of Justice.

As the conversation progressed and our journalist said she would like to share this information with her friends, Mena asked us not to reveal his name. However, Mena admitted that there is no accountability within these agencies, saying, “It’s almost impossible to lose your job in the government,” then said that he had heard a story about a government employee who “showed up drunk” at his job and punched a coworker.“They just sent that person to therapy,” Mena said. “The unions are very strong.”

Remember, this is what your tax dollars are paying for.

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Update: February 27, 2024 – James O’Keefe released new footage on Monday after chasing down an IRS Official who told his undercover journalist that the IRS is spying on Americans and it’s likely unconstitutional.

When confronted by O’Keefe and shown the video released last week, the IRS official denied his identity, saying, “That’s not me,” repeatedly.

The Gateway Pundit reported on O’Keefe Media Group’s undercover interview with Alex Mena with the IRS’s criminal investigations unit in New York. In the secretly recorded conversation, Mena revealed that the IRS uses artificial intelligence to spy on American citizens and businesses by combing through their bank accounts without a warrant.

Via James O’Keefe:

IRS Official Alex Mena SPRINTS a mile down 7th avenue in NYC after O’Keefe shows footage of him calling the IRS AI programs ‘unconstitutional’

Mena then attempted to hide by standing in a shadowy doorway on Commerce Street, before O’Keefe found him and Mena began running again. Mena, who said he works with Criminal Investigations for the IRS, denied his own identity to O’Keefe, saying “that’s not me.”

When he was confronted with the hidden camera footage, Mena added, “I’m really sorry”

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