February 6, 2024 – Tucker Carlson goes to Russia for an interview with President Vladimir Putin

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I’m not sure what provoked Tucker Carlson to actually follow through on this plan; I know he was deeply worried about being arrested in Russia.  However, Carlson did something every U.S. journalist should do, even though they are forbidden by the State Dept from doing it.

The reason the U.S. Government doesn’t want people traveling into Russia, is specifically because people will tell the experience of their time in Russia, and that will run completely counter to the acceptable narrative.  Tucker Carlson took the chance, and the intelligence apparatus is likely going bananas.  WATCH:

If we lived in a world governed by grown-ups, this interview would not be even slightly controversial.  Unfortunately, we live in a world choreographed by the U.S. intelligence apparatus to provide us only one skewed version of global reality.  When it comes to Russia, nothing… not a single thing…. is in alignment with what Western media proclaim is the reality. (Conservative Treehouse, 2/06/2024)  (Archive)

The interview:

The media scaremongering ensues:

The Queen of Uranium One and Russiagate offers her opinion of Tucker Carlson going to Russia:

More signs of panic appear before Tucker’s interview is even published:

Judge Napolitano discusses the interview with  Larry Johnson and Ray McGovern.