February 8, 2024 – Report of the Special Counsel on the investigation into Joe Biden’s unauthorized removal, retention, and disclosure of classified documents

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Special Counsel Robert Hur’s Report

Shortly after the report is released to the public, Biden responds with a speech followed by a press conference:

The next day, he makes the front page:

No Democrat I talked to felt Biden did himself any favors last night, says Axios’ Alex Thompson

Alex, it was uncomfortable for everybody yesterday. What we saw President Biden do with his classified documents was purposeful, not mindless. The prosecutors report clearly showed the actual treatment of classified documents was careless. Pictures clearly show President Biden had classified documents carelessly scattered across his garage and house. The report was largely problematic and should be troublesome for anyone no matter your politics.

Alex: What we saw on full display last night was President Biden angerly lashing out at the prosecutors and reporters. Aids have noticed he gets tired at night and is volatile behind closed doors. No democrat I talked to said President Biden did himself any favors with the press conference. This was really “white hot rage” by President Biden. This comes when Biden has recently, multiple times mixed up countries; confusing geographies and events, including past and present presidents. At the same time President Biden discusses dead leaders as if they are running their respective countries today.

CNBC host, some in the Democrat Party are still denying Biden’s deteriorating human condition, and the two tiered justice system on full display.

Alex, There really is age denialism behind closed doors at the White House. What are the options for the Democrat Party in the future? The primaries are essentially over. There really are no options left and the democrats could potentially tear each other apart in the party. You have fighting within the party between the Arab Palestine Gaza community and other factions. The Democrat Party is scheduled in mid August, essentially only 4 weeks before early voting begins.

The “Sesame Street Puppet Show” continues in the Democrat Party.

One question remains, after last nights display and revelations, how many new Democrats will accept reality and potentially switch parties, or will they accept a replacement who will continue with the Biden administration’s disastrous policies?