February 9, 2024 – Fani Willis campaign funds appear to be part of the Act Blue money laundering scheme exposed by James O’Keefe

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The independent journalist Peter Bernegger has uncovered what appears to be a massive fraud scheme related to Fulton CountyDA Fani Willis and her campaign funds.

According to Bernegger, a large number of people are being used to make campaign donations to Willis — without their knowledge.

More precisely, their names and addresses are being used — an illegal tactic known as “smurfing.” It’s structured money laundering for political campaigns.

Bernegger and his team have found numerous out-of-state donors for Fani Willis that fit the ActBlue money laundering profile. Just look at the very high number of contributions with zero donor data.

There are over 200 donations with no donor information at all. (Read more: EmeraldTV, 2/09/2024) (Archive)