January 14, 2022 – Jeffrey Epstein brought eight young women with him on his trips to see Bill Clinton at the White House

In Clinton Foundation Timeline by Katie Weddington

Visitor logs obtained by DailyMail reveal Jeffrey Epstein was not always alone when he visited the Clinton White House between 1993 and 1995.

Records show he brought along eight women, including his girlfriends Celina Midelfart, Eva Andersson, Francis Jardine, and Ghislaine Maxwell.

His relationship with the four other women who accompanied him – Jennifer Garrison; Shelley Gafni; Jennifer Driver; Lyoubov Orlova – is unclear.

Flight logs from Epstein’s private planes tally with White House visitor records showing the eight women were with him during his visits.

Maxwell’s high-profile trial in New York heard sensational claims that Epstein was seeing Midelfart, now 48, – a Norwegian heiress – in the mid 1990s.

Andersson, 61, a physician and former Miss Sweden, was also a witness in the sex trafficking trial where she confirmed she dated Epstein in the 80s and 90s.

The nature of Epstein’s accompanied visits is not disclosed in White House visitor logs, but one of them coincided with a swanky dinner in the Blue Room.

Never-before-seen photos also reveal the disgraced financier kept pictures of himself at the White House Briefing Room podium at his Palm Beach mansion. (Read more: The Daily Mail, 1/14/2022) (Archive)

(Credit: The Daily Caller)

(Credit: The Daily Mail)