January 31, 2024 – Biden admin refuses to turn over 2015 draft Ukraine speech calling for the firing of Viktor Shokin

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Viktor Shokin (l) and Joe Biden (Credit: public domain)

The White House is REFUSING to hand over early drafts of President Biden’s 2015 Ukraine speech where he called for the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor, Viktor Shokin.

These drafts are important as it is believed, based on public reporting, that the then-VP “called an audible” and changed U.S. policy toward Ukraine to benefit his son on the plane ride to Ukraine.

Joe Biden later bragged about withholding a U.S. loan guarantee if Ukraine did not fire the prosecutor.

If the White House does not permit the production of these documents, our committee will consider the use of compulsory process.

Read our letter to the White House Counsel

Members of the Committee, clearly you know at that time there was a working group formed around what to do about Ukraine, and this group included Ambassador Geoffry Pyatt and CIA/NSC Eric Ciaramella. Both seemed shocked when hearing that witholding aid to Ukraine hinged on the firing of Shokin. In fact, Pyatt responds with “Buckle in”, and Ciaramella says, “Yikes. I don’t recall this coming up in our meeting with them on Tuesday.” Interesting to note, last time aid was withheld to Ukraine by an Executive Officer, Mr. Ciaramella “blew the whistle” which triggered an impeachment hearing…but not in this case with Mr. Biden.