July 19, 2017 – Strzok testifies Pientka wrote Flynn’s FBI 302 report, evidence suggests he lied

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(Timeline editor’s note: All documents posted in this timeline entry can be found in Sidney Powell’s 10/24/19 court filing here.)

Peter Strzok (Credit: public domain)

On 07/19/17 Strzok was interviewed by a Senior Assistant Special Counsel & an FBI Supervisory Special Agent

This was Strzok’s “exit” interview after he’d been forced to leave the Special Counsel due to discovery of his biased text messages

It’s a felony to lie in this interview:

Strzok was asked about his role in the investigation of @GenFlynn, and said that he, “Strzok conducted the interview” and [redacted] “was primarily responsible for taking notes and writing the FD-302”

Redacted name refers to (Joe) Pientka, his partner on the Flynn case:

So if Pientka was NOT actually “primarily” responsible for “writing the FD-302” or “taking notes”, then Strzok lied.

Newly available evidence strongly suggests Strzok did lie: it was *Strzok* himself who wrote the 302, & largely from his own notes, NOT Pientka’s

Here’s why 👇
DOJ only recently provided new evidence to @SidneyPowell1  (@GenFlynn attorney), under a protective order. This order was lifted this month, allowing it to be filed publicly.

1. Handwritten interview notes said to be Strzok’s and Pientka’s

2. 302 Drafts*

3. New Strzok texts

*The earliest 302 DOJ has provided is from 02/10/17. The Flynn interview was on 01/24/17 (17 days earlier). So it is highly likely there are earlier drafts, but on Oct 29 DOJ (Brandon Van Grack; a former Senior Assistant Special Counsel) denied DOJ is “hiding” an “original 302”

I analyzed both Strzok and Pientka’s notes, line by line and side by side with the 02/10/17 FD-302

This included matching the notes to the subject topics discussed in the 302 and looking for words and phrases used only in Strzok’s notes, only in Pientka’s notes, in both, or neither:

SUMMARY (1 of 2)

—The 302 systematically & overwhelmingly (30+ examples) contains words and phrases ONLY noted by Strzok & NOT by Pientka

—Crucially this includes two where Pientka explicitly comments that he “couldn’t remember” Flynn saying this and “[I] dont…have in my notes”

SUMMARY (2 of 2)

Attached is a summary by topic (e.g “RT dinner”)

—Red text is phrases/words in the 302 that are lifted from Strzok’s notes, in bold are verbatim

—🚨Purple text is the 2 crucial examples that Pientka explicitly says he didn’t have noted/couldn’t remember:

To put it mildly, this evidence is inconsistent with Pientka “primarily” writing the 302, as Strzok claimed

Even if Pientka had access to Strzok’s notes, its incredibly unlikely he would systematically rely on Strzok’s notes 30+ times, repeatedly using Strzok’s linguistic style 

And even if you could stretch to believing that, Pientka certainly wouldn’t include in a draft 302 (a legal record that can be the basis for a felony charge) words & phrases *he couldn’t remember*, that only appeared in Strzok’s notes AND add “I don’t remember this” to the 302

Also, the new Strzok texts show Strzok communicating with Lisa Page on the same day of the 302 draft (02/10/17), adding “edits” from Lisa Page, “finalizing it”, working on it over the weekend & *then* “sending to Joe”. All inconsistent with Pientka being “primarily responsible”



—Strzok told the Special Counsel/FBI that Pientka wrote the 302 interview record of Flynn

—Strzok’s text messages and the Strzok/Pientka handwritten notes show that’s likely false, and Strzok himself wrote the 302 

—Strzok likely committed the same felony @GenFlynn was charged with (18 USC §1001)

—The Special Counsel and FBI had access to the same exculpatory evidence in this thread BEFORE @GenFlynn pled guilty to the felony his own interviewer committed


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