July 25, 2023 – Biden defense lawyers accused of impersonating Congressional staff to remove derogatory evidence against Hunter

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U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika (Credit: Wikipedia)

Things are awful sketchy in Delaware, as the Hunter Biden case is about to enter court for Judge Maryellen Noreika to review a sweetheart plea deal between corrupt DOJ officials and Hunter Biden lawyers.

As the situation unfolded, Congress filed an amicus brief opposing the plea deal and outlining new evidence discovered by the House Oversight Committee so the judge would have additional background on the deal.  The amicus filing was done by GOP lawyer Mr. Theodore Kittila, from the committee.

Someone from the defense team, a lawyer later identified as Jessica Bengels from the law firm of Latham and Watkins, then contacted the clerk of the court -falsely claimed to be working with Theodore Kittila- and asked the clerk to remove the amicus filing.  The clerk removed the filing.

GOP lawyer Kittila found out and contacted the clerk to understand what was going on.  Mr. Kittila then confronted the lawyers for Hunter Biden, and Judge Noreika is a little angry about the Biden team manipulation. [COURT ORDER]

Jessica Bengels (Credit: Latham and Watkins, LLC)

(New York Post) – […]  In an evening order, Noreika gave Hunter’s attorneys until 9 p.m. to “show cause as to why sanctions should not be considered for misrepresentations to the Court.” — while noting they had not formally filed any request to seal evidence in the matter.

However, she also ordered the filing sealed until close of business Wednesday.

“We filed what was already public (voted out by Congress) as something for the judge to be aware of,” Ways and Means Committee spokesperson JP Freire told The Post. “They then misrepresented themselves to get it taken down.”

Shortly before 9 p.m., Bengels submitted an affidavit in which she blamed a miscommunication among the clerks for the removal of the Ways and Means filing.

“I am completely confident that I never indicated that I was calling from Mr. Kittila’s firm or that I worked with him in any way,” she said. “The only mention of his name was when [the clerk] had asked me if the filings had been entered by Mr. Kittila’s firm and I answered that I believed that to be the case.” (read more)

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July 25, 2023 (evening):

(…) In a letter obtained by Fox News, Biden’s legal team told the judge that the lawyer who called the clerk had accurately represented her affiliation with her law firm.

“The matter under consideration appears to stem from an unfortunate and unintentional miscommunication between a staff member at our firm and employees of the Court,” the lawyers’ defense read. “We have no idea how the misunderstanding occurred, but our understanding is there was no misrepresentation.”

“We hope this letter and the attached declaration dispels any suggestion that undersigned counsel or our staff would ever intentionally misrepresent or mislead the Court with respect to any matter,” the letter added. (Read more:  Fox News, 7/26/2023)  (Archive)