July 8, 2024 – Oscar ‘Blue’ Ramirez unveils the UN’s hidden agenda in Panama’s Darien Gap

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In a gripping episode of Steel News with Ann Vandersteel, viewers were given a front-row seat to the unfolding saga of “Operation Burning Edge” in Panama. The fearless investigative journalist, Oscar “Blue” Ramirez, has once again demonstrated his relentless dedication to uncovering the truth about the weaponized human migration crisis orchestrated by the UN and various NGOs.

Ramirez, known for his unparalleled work with Real America’s Voice and the Epoch Times, has made it his mission to document the horrors and realities of the Darien Gap—a treacherous stretch of jungle that has become the conduit for mass migration from South America to the United States. Having already braved this perilous terrain three times, Ramirez is now gearing up for his fourth expedition, determined to shed light on the sinister operations fueling this humanitarian catastrophe.

Ramirez’s reporting has unveiled a disturbing reality: the UN and NGOs are not mere bystanders in this crisis. Instead, they are key players actively facilitating and weaponizing human migration to further their agenda of global governance. These organizations, under the guise of humanitarian aid, are perpetuating a cycle of chaos and instability, using vulnerable populations as pawns in their grand strategy.

Through his tireless efforts, Ramirez has exposed the mechanisms by which these entities operate. From providing logistical support to migrants, to manipulating media narratives, the UN and its NGO partners are meticulously orchestrating a crisis that serves their geopolitical interests. This is not about compassion; it’s about control.

“Operation Burning Edge” represents a significant victory in the fight against this globalist plot. Ramirez’s on-the-ground reporting has been instrumental in bringing these shadowy activities to light. His firsthand accounts and damning evidence have left no room for doubt—what we are witnessing is a calculated attempt to undermine national sovereignty and destabilize regions through engineered migration flows.

Ann Vandersteel’s platform has been pivotal in amplifying Ramirez’s findings, ensuring that the American public is not kept in the dark about these critical issues. The success of “Operation Burning Edge” lies not only in its ability to expose these malfeasances but also in its role in galvanizing resistance against the encroaching tide of globalism.

The revelations brought forth by “Operation Burning Edge” should serve as a wake-up call to all patriots. The threat of weaponized migration is real, and its consequences are far-reaching. It is imperative that we remain vigilant and support those, like Oscar “Blue” Ramirez, who risk their lives to uncover the truth.

In the face of such adversity, we must ask ourselves: will we stand idly by as our nation’s sovereignty is eroded, or will we rise to the occasion and defend our freedoms against the globalist agenda? The time for action is now. The success of “Operation Burning Edge” is just the beginning—together, we can and must close the gap. (Read more: Freedom First Network, 7/08/2024) (Archive)