June 11, 2020 – Flynn Case: 85 Lies, Contradictions, Oddities, and Unusual Occurrences

In Email Timeline Post-Election 2016, Email/Dossier Investigations by Katie Weddington

Solicitor General Noel Francisco (Credit: public domain)

“The case of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is inevitably heading toward its conclusion. While the presiding district judge, Emmet Sullivan, is trying to keep it going, there’s only so much he can do, chiefly because there’s nobody left to prosecute the case after the Department of Justice (DOJ) dropped it last month.

In the latest developments, the District of Columbia appeals court set a hearing in the case on June 12, while the DOJ’s solicitor general himself, as well as five of his deputies, urged the court to order the lower-court judge to accept the case dismissal.

“I cannot overstate how big of a deal this is,” commented appellate attorney John Reeves, former assistant Missouri attorney general, in a series of tweets on June 1.

Personal involvement of the solicitor general “is highly unusual and rare,” he said.

“Unusual” seems a fitting euphemism for the Flynn case, which has been filled with contradictions, falsehoods, apparent blunders, extraordinary moves, and strange coincidences.

The Epoch Times has so far counted 85 such instances.” (Read more: The Epoch Times, 6/11/2020)  (Archive)