June 20, 2022 – Ghislaine Maxwell touts her connection to Bill Clinton and how she helped launch his Global Initiative, as she seeks a lower sentence

In Clinton Foundation Timeline, Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) by Katie Weddington

(Credit: William J. Clinton Presidential Library)

Ghislaine Maxwell pointed to her work for Bill Clinton’s philanthropic endeavors as she argued she should serve just four years in jail at her sentencing next Monday.

The 77-page filing references Maxwell’s ‘history of philanthropy, charitable work, and helping others namely her work with the Clinton Global Initiative.

The pre-sentencing filing sent by Maxwell’s lawyers claims she should spend far less time behind bars than the 50-year stretch she’s currently facing.

The filing paints Maxwell, 60, as a victim of pedophile ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein, and says her life has already been ruined by the disgrace of her conviction.

It also mentions an inmate at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center had been offered cash to strangle Maxwell in her sleep.

Maxwell was convicted of trafficking and sexually abusing underage girls last December.

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