June 24, 2024 -CNN wants to censor viewers who might clip parts of the upcoming presidential debate and post/discuss on social media; Elon Musk says he will not comply

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CNN and the entire left are so terrified of free speech, it’s almost beyond belief. They will go to unreal lengths to control the narrative and silence anyone who dares to challenge the progressive storyline or call out—and even mock—the so-called leaders on the left. That’s exactly why, with the highly anticipated upcoming debate, the regime-run media hacks at CNN are desperate to control the narrative. This includes censoring right-wing accounts that might clip parts of the debate to share on social media. CNN has even threatened to go after any accounts that do this by citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which was created to protect copyright holders from online piracy. The law was passed in the late ’90s and is what CNN is wielding as a weapon to prevent any “undesirable” clips—like Biden’s lies, flubs, and blunders—from going viral.

Popular podcaster Tim Pool, who plans to live stream the debate, called attention to CNN’s threats in a post on X.

This latest desperate move by CNN shouldn’t surprise anyone. After all, when legitimately questioned about their extreme and radical anti-Trump agenda, instead of responding, host Kasie Hunt just cut Team Trump’s feed. Real professional, right? Once again, this is CNN stifling free speech and running cover for the regime, and at this point, they’re not even trying to hide it.

Actually, we just published an article on this topic, where Glenn Greenwald had a very interesting take on the exchange between Hunt and Team Trump that exemplifies just how trashy our propaganda media truly is:

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Thankfully, Tim Pool thought CNN’s latest episode of mass censorship was important enough to flag for Elon Musk. Elon was quick to respond and promptly crushed CNN’s hopes of using the 1998 law to silence conservatives. According to Musk, the DMCA doesn’t apply in this context and will not be enforced on X.


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