June 25, 2023 – Peter Schweizer reports Joe Biden was using a secret cell phone while VP

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Peter Schweizer, head of the “Government Accountability Institute,” told Maria Bartiromo on FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that he tipped off the House Oversight Committee to look into records for a private global cell phone he alleges Hunter Biden’s business gave to Joe Biden during his time as vice president:

PETER SCHWEIZER: It’s interesting, what is the line of communications between Hunter Biden and his business partners and Joe Biden when he’s vice president of the United States? It’s not the government phone, it’s not Joe Biden’s personal phone. We know from the laptop that Hunter Biden’s business paid for a private phone line that Joe Biden used while he was vice president. It was from AT&T, it was $300 a month, it was a global phone where you could access somebody anywhere around the world.

We shared that phone number and that account information with people in the House Oversight Committee. My hope is that they if they haven’t already, they will subpoena those records because I think it will give an indication on how tight the communication was.

And that may be the phone, for example, that the Ukrainian, the Burisma executive might have used in this allegation that the he talked to Joe Biden in recorded conversations.

I would just say one other thing, Maria, as it relates to that sort of shakedown phone call with Henry Zhao that we alluded to, Henry Zhao in 2015 had already sent $5 million to the Bidens. He was the head of a Harvest Investment firm. And what’s interesting is in the correspondence there, Hunter Biden again talks to Zhao in the context of “this is a deal that’s important to my family” involving his father.

Let’s also keep in mind, we fixate on the criminal element of this, we also have to focus on the espionage element of this. Henry Zhao paid $5 million to Hunter Biden from an account that was part of a company that he co-owned with the family of the Minister of State Security of China, who’s in charge of the entire spy apparatus. And you see that in every deal that Hunter Biden did in China. These individuals that are sending him money have ties to Chinese intelligence. (Read more: RealClearPolitics, 6/25/2023)  (Archive)

Update: Ring, ring! You’ll never guess who picked up when @jsolomonreports called Hunter Biden’s secret cell phone.