June 7, 2015 – The Biden laptop contains a list of the cell numbers of high officials in Obama administration; a national security nightmare

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations by Katie Weddington

(…) The material, none of which was encrypted or protected by anything as basic as two-factor authentication, includes:

  • Joe Biden’s personal mobile number and three private email addresses as well as the names of his Secret Service agents;
    Mobile numbers for former President Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary and almost every member of former President Barack Obama’s cabinet;
  • A contact database of 1,500 people including actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Coldplay singer Chris Martin, former Presidential candidate John Kerry and ex-FBI boss Louis Freeh;
  • Personal documents including Hunter’s passport, driver’s licence, social security card, credit cards and bank statements;
  • Details of Hunter’s drug and sex problems, including $21,000 spent on one ‘live cam’ porn website and ‘selfies’ of him engaging in sex acts and smoking crack cocaine;

A contact database of 1,500 people includes the numbers of Bill and Hillary Clinton, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, her ex-husband Coldplay singer Chris Martin, former Presidential candidate John Kerry and ex-FBI boss Louis Freeh .

(The Daily Mail, 11/01/2020)  (Archive)

General Flynn tweets the following question about the author of the email, Kathy Chung:

Twitter researcher, @15poundstogo responds (and I’m not sure why tweets won’t open up on Word Press right now, lol):

Mark Wauck at meaninginhistory.blogspot adds more information on Kathy Chung:

“It’s an interesting question, and one that’s easily answered. Kathy Chung (aka Kathy Sang-Ok Chung, Kathy S. Geraghty) was an assistant to then Vice President Joe Biden–that is, in 2015.

Yes, it’s easy to imagine that a foreign intelligence service would be interested in having all those cell phone numbers–but what use would Hunter Biden have for them?

GNEWS thinks it has the answer, and in fact their answer seems to be what Michael Flynn is hinting at: Hunter Biden Sold the Clintons’ Phone Numbers to the CCP. Of course, there would be any number of ways to disguise what the payment was actually for. GNEWS doesn’t go in for nuance:

The CCP obtained the personal cell phone numbers available only to the Secret Service because the whereabouts of these members and their families were being protected by the United States Secret Service [USSS]. A traitor among them [USSS] had apparently supplied the list directly or indirectly to Kathy S. Chuang, who was hired by Rosemont Seneca, of which Hunter Biden was a co-founder. The CCP would secretly monitor and record the phone conversations of these officials who worked at the government at the highest level, in order to find their weakness and their dirty dealings, to blackmail them, and to own them.

It’s an interesting narrative. One that hangs together pretty well. A good working hypothesis. (meaninginhistory, 11/01/2020)