June 7, 2023 – Instagram connects a vast pedophile network using the same key words seen in Podesta’s Pizzagate emails

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(Credit: Revolver News)

In a surprising and unexpected development, the Wall Street Journal has given credibility to “Pizzagate.” For those who may not be familiar with it, “Pizzagate” is a theory that claims elites use coded “pizza references” to openly discuss their hidden pedophile sex ring. According to this theory, terms like “pizza” and “cheese” are allegedly used as code words for illicit activities involving children.

Like many theories that paint the left in a negative light, the Pizzagate theory was swiftly labeled a “right-wing conspiracy” and disregarded by the usual suspects, and anyone who dared to mention Pizzagate was quickly shot down and called a Q-kook.

But now, thanks to this shocking article in the WSJ, everything could be turned upside down. Apparently, Instagram, owned by Meta, has become a sanctuary for a large network of pedophiles who use hashtags related to “cheese pizza,” among others, to communicate and pursue their sinister and depraved intentions against innocent children.

The term “cheese pizza” is used by these perverts because it shares the same initials as “child pornography.”

These are sick and demonic people.

Wall Street Journal:

The pedophilic accounts on Instagram mix brazenness with superficial efforts to veil their activity, researchers found. Certain emojis function as a kind of code, such as an image of a map—shorthand for “minor-attracted person”—or one of “cheese pizza,” which shares its initials with “child pornography,” according to Levine of UMass. Many declare themselves “lovers of the little things in life.”

The bombshell WSJ piece has rocked social media; as if so-called leaders like Mark Zuckerberg didn’t realize this was going on right under his nose? Perhaps he was too busy trying to punish Trump supporters for posting anti-vaccine memes to notice an expansive pedo-ring operating on his site.

Washington Examiner:

Instagram has taken down 27 child pornography networks and intends to remove more, Meta said. It has also blocked thousands of hashtags used to sexualize children and restricted the platform from recommending search terms associated with sexual abuse.

Twitter is also a standard tool for promoting child pornography, Stanford said, but the platform is more aggressive in removing those accounts than Instagram. The response has reportedly improved from Twitter. The platform struggled to keep up with child pornography accounts, according to a February New York Times report testing the website’s content moderation efforts. (Read more: Revolver News, 6/07/2023) (Archive)