March 14, 2017 – Julian Assange: Hillary Clinton, U.S. Intelligence pushing Pence takeover of presidency

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations by Katie Weddington

“On the heels of the explosive release of Wikileaks’ “largest ever publication of confidential documents” originating from the CIA, Wikileaks editor Julian Assange recently revealed startling information regarding the intelligence community’s plans to impeach President Donald Trump and replace him with Mike Pence, his vice president.

Assange, tweeting early Tuesday morning, claimed that two intelligence officials close to Vice President Mike Pence “stated privately this month that they are planning on a Pence takeover.” However, as Assange noted, they did not say if Pence was aware of the plan or if he had agreed to it.

Perhaps more surprising was the revelation that the push for a “Pence takeover” goes beyond the intelligence community. Another tweet from Assange asserted that Hillary Clinton “stated privately this month that she is quietly pushing for a Pence takeover” as “Pence is predictable hence defeatable.” As MintPress has previously noted, a major cornerstone of Trump’s negotiation strategy and politicking is his unpredictability – a clear point of concern among U.S. establishment insiders.

Though the suggestion that such a “takeover” could be taking place may be shocking to some, it is not altogether surprising, given that the intelligence community’s hostility towards Trump has been evident for some time.” (Read more: Whitney Webb/Mint Press News, 3/16/2017)  (Archive)