March 14, 2024 – A British Member of Parliament calls for the death penalty given to Microsoft’s Bill Gates and the “Covid Cabal”

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations, Featured Timeline Entries by Katie Weddington

(…) Taking his concerns beyond parliamentary discussions, Bridgen has reached out to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Mark Rowley. He aims to organize a three-hour meeting where experts and whistleblowers will present evidence to demonstrate criminal activities conducted by senior members of the UK government and civil service during the pandemic.

In an alarming revelation, Bridgen disclosed that a senior cabinet minister shared details of a plan to use what he referred to as “turbo cancer” to depopulate the world. According to Bridgen, this revelation unfolded in the tea room at Westminster Houses of Parliament. The unnamed minister allegedly conveyed that Bridgen would be “dead of cancer soon” due to being misled into taking the vaccine during the pandemic.

Despite the shocking nature of these claims, Bridgen has been a vocal opponent of globalist authoritarianism in the UK. He has consistently opposed Covid vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and mask mandates. His recent warning about a potential surge in cancer deaths linked to mRNA vaccines coincides with reports of Pfizer employees blowing the whistle on what they term a “scam.” (Read more: TogetherInTruth, 3/14/2024)  (Archive)

From January 19, 2024