March 15, 2024 – Judge Scott McAfee rules either Willis or Wade has to withdraw from Trump case

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BREAKING NEWS: Judge Scott McAfee has GRANTED IN PART and DENIED IN PART the motion to disqualify Fulton County DA Fani Willis.

Bottom line: either Willis steps aside, along with her entire office OR Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade withdraws. A decision must be made, per McAfee.

The Court found that there was NO evidence of an actual conflict of interest. However, he did find that the “prosecution is encumbered by an appearance of impropriety.” And “as long as Wade remains on the case, this unnecessary perception will persist.”

The Court “finds itself unable to place any stock” in the testimony of Terrence Bradley. McAfee also said Robin Yeartie’s testimony “lacked context and detail.” And he considered the Wade cellphone info but said it didn’t say conclusively when the relationship started.

The Court also denied the motions to dismiss the indictment.

The Court ruled that there was “no material financial benefit” derived by Willis in hiring and engaging in a personal relationship with Wade.

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Former President Donald Trump’s lawyer on March 15 reacted after a Georgia judge, in a partial victory for President Trump and other defendants, ruled that either Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis or special prosecutor Nathan Wade must exit the case against President Trump and others.

Steve Sadow (Credit: public domain)

Steve Sadow, the lawyer, said counsel respects Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee’s decision but thinks the judge did not fully take into account all the details in the case.

“We believe that the Court did not afford appropriate significance to the prosecutorial misconduct of Willis and Wade, including the financial benefits, testifying untruthfully about when their personal relationship began, as well as Willis’ extrajudicial MLK ‘church speech,’ where she played the race card and falsely accused the defendants and their counsel of racism,” Mr. Sadow said.

“We will use all legal options available as we continue to fight to end this case, which should never have been brought in the first place,” he added.

Judge McAfee ruled on Friday that either Ms. Willis or Mr. Wade must step down because of their personal relationship and unanswered questions about a possible financial benefit to Ms. Willis from hiring Mr. Wade as the special prosecutor resulted in the appearance of impropriety.

“Even if the romantic relationship began after SADA Wade’s initial contract in November 2021, the district attorney chose to continue supervising and paying Wade while maintaining such a relationship,” he said. “She further allowed the regular and loose exchange of money between them without any exact or verifiable measure of reconciliation. This lack of a confirmed financial split creates the possibility and appearance that the District Attorney benefited—albeit non-materially—from a contract whose award lay solely within her purview and policing.” (Read more: The Epoch Times, 3/15/2024)  (Archive)