March 19, 2022 – Matthew Graves signals to David Weiss they would NOT participate in the prosecution of Hunter Biden

In Email/Dossier Investigations by Katie Weddington

Mathew Graves (Credit: Department of Justice)

I have reviewed House Judiciary Committee’s transcribed interview with Matthew Graves, US Attorney for the District of Columbia.

A few observations related to Hunter Biden inquiry:

* It is obvious that Graves and his team signaled to David Weiss they would not participate in the prosecution of Hunter Biden.

*Just one example of Graves’ flailing word salad related to a 10-minute conversation he had with David Weiss in late Feb, early March 2022: “As I recall the conversation, my question is–was: ‘What do you need?’ And my attitude was (emphasis added) ‘Of course we’re going to provide it to you.’ So, you know, how he heard it, what he expected, and the long litany of things one could need in returning, I don’t know, but I could just say my immediate response ‘What do you need’ I was trying to signal we will give you whatever you need logistically.” SURE.

*For the next three weeks, according to Graves, his top deputies analyzed the matter including whether DOJ could pursuade a DC jury to convict Hunter Biden. Following a March 19, 2022 meeting with his team, Graves said his office “conveyed to Delaware that we wouldn’t be looking to add our own prosecutor to the case.”

*Graves refused to name the officials involved.

*Graves did not read the underlying evidence against Hunter Biden including the lengthy report prepared by DOJ Tax Division detailing Hunter Biden’s tax crimes in 2014 and 2015 which included omitting income from Burisma.

*Graves never followed up directly with Weiss.

*Despite claims he offered assistance with grand jury process, Graves also admitted that at that time, the federal courthouse in DC was very busy with grand jury proceedings–yes because his office was charging and prosecuting Capitol protesters.

*His office at the time also was investigating Trump associates (and beginning stage of full blown investigation into Trump himself) for January 6.

*Graves, appointed by Biden, repeatedly played dumb when asked about conflict of interest and whether he should’ve recused from considering the case. “There was no conflict of interest and no reason” to seek ethics guidance from DOJ. “A family member of the administration? I don’t see it as necessarily a conflict of interest or perception of a conflict of interest.”

*IRONICALLY Graves confirmed he was a top official in US Atty-DC Fraud and Public Corruption section beginning in 2015–as Hunter Biden raked in millions from hostile regimes including China and Russia. (Special Counsel Jack Smith also ignored the Bidens as head of DOJ’s Public Integrity Unit btw 2010 and early 2015.)

*Graves attempted on numerous occasions to discredit the whistleblowers in the case except he never read the transcripts. He accused whistleblowers of relying on hearsay while admitting he’s only read media accounts of their accusations.

I’ll have more on this related to Graves’ laughable claims about his handling of Jan 6 cases. But Graves is just another partisan operative disguised as a federal prosecutor. He protected the Bidens by thwarting Weiss’ inquiry to prosecute in the proper venue–which Graves should have pursued WITHOUT Weiss’ request.

And his testimony is just one more reason why House GOP should strip federal funding for US Atty for DC office.