March 21, 2024 – James Carville: Biden doesn’t need to do the “wetwork” in 2024, “people like me and other groups in the party” can do that

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviews James Carville:

James Carville volunteered himself and other Democratic political operatives to take over the “wetwork” for President Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign during an interview Wednesday night on CNN.

“President Biden is not the best attack politician I’ve ever seen in my life, and leave it at that. But there are a lot of people to do what I call, quote, the wetwork, unquote,” Carville told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

He defined “wetwork” as “a CIA term to take a guy out” but explained, “It is paid TV and stuff like that.”

“He doesn’t need to do the wetwork. People like me and other groups in the party need to do that, [Biden is] not very good at it,” the former Clinton campaign manager said. “I don’t think people want to hear that from him. He can cruise along at a better altitude.” (RealClearPolitics, 3/21/2024)  (Archive)