March 22, 2024 – Trump’s acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller claims January 6 Committee threatened him to remain silent about Trump authorizing deployment of National Guard

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Sean Hannity speaks with Miller (r) and Trump-era national security official Kash Patel (c) to discuss the Jan. 3, 2021 Oval Office meeting where they claim Trump authorized deployment of the National Guard for Jan. 6. (Credit: Fox News)

Donald Trump‘s former acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller claims the January 6 committee threatened to ‘make his life hell’ if he kept claiming his former boss authorized National Guard deployment during the Capitol riot.

In an exclusive interview with, the former Director of the National Counterterrorism Center said he became ‘fearful’ of aggressive tactics by members of the Democrat-led panel who tried to stop him speaking publicly about a narrative that didn’t align with their final report.

Miller’s bombshell claims follow a report by Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk that reveals the committee withheld a transcript from an interview with a top White House official where he told Vice Chair Liz Cheney and other staffers that Trump did want to deploy troops.

Cheney did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether she or any other members of the Select Committee corresponded with witnesses in a way that could be interpreted as threatening.

Trump appointed Miller as the Pentagon chief in November 2020 after he fired Mark Esper amid attempts to overturn Joe Biden‘s presidential election victory.

He was only in the job for two months, but was thrust in front of the committee during their probe into the events that unfolded on the day the electoral college votes were certified.

Miller claims the members intimidated him, and warned they would repeatedly bring him in for ‘hours’ of additional testimony if he kept going on TV and defending the former president’s actions.

(…) The former Trump officials’ testimonies to the January 6 panel included recalling this meeting on January 3, 2021.

Kash and Miller’s sworn testimonies were buried or discredited by the Select Committee as they claimed the two men were politically aligned with the former president.

Miller said he ‘definitely interpreted’ the panel would ‘make my life hell’ if he kept going on TV.

‘Now, you know, they’ll say, ‘No, that wasn’t it at all. We just wanted to make sure that we understood all the nuance and complexity.’ But I definitely interpreted it as… don’t fight city hall type thing,’ he explained.

A review of the panel’s investigation by the House Administration Committee’s Subcommittee on Oversight revealed that longtime Secret Service official Tony Ornato, who was in charge of Trump’s security detail on January 6, 2021, corroborated Kash and Miller’s testimonies. (Read more: The Daily Mail, 3/22/2024)  (Archive)

“There’s More on This” – Kash Patel Warns Liz Cheney and Her J6 Committee Lackeys that More is Coming to Expose their Lies to the American Public (VIDEO)

Steve Bannon: Kash, the Daily Mail has an explosive exclusive that says Chris Miller, and you, or particularly Miller, was intimidated right after that interview by Liz Cheney and members of the January sixth staff to say that if you guys continue to come out and publicly talk about this, there are going to be consequences, sir.

Kash Patel: That that was the truth. Donald Trump wanted to prevent any insurrection narrative and any actual insurrection and did that. Right after that authorization, Pelosi and Bowser rejected the request for National Guard, Men, and Women, and now we’ve caught them. And what is worse, Steve, is the cover-up of the corruption from these government gangsters.

The January 6th Committee that preached to America about equality under the law and finding the truth, last week, we found suppressed evidence of the innocence of Donald Trump in Tony Ornato’s testimony. And now, what do we do? Now what do we do? They threatened a cabinet secretary, the former Secretary of Defense, in charge on that day with legal endeavors to bury him in legal fees and investigate him, should he dare to come out with the truth.

Just think about that. A Congressional committee led by Liz Cheney and funded by our taxpayers actually threatened the Secretary of Defense. Steve, I think they did it to the media, too. They threatened them with lawsuits and subpoenas if they dare to put out the truth, all for one point, because it buries the truth about the insurrection narrative that they have been rolling out there.

There was no insurrection. Donald Trump is innocent. Now we have actual legal warfare by a Congressional committee against a former cabinet secretary, I think others, and I think against media organizations as well.

Steve Bannon:  This is outrageous because they’re using that committee as the pretext in Colorado. They just take the committee file and say, Oh, Trump’s an insurrectionist because Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger and Benny Thompson said so. And a little Jamie Raskin, the worst of the worst. And they just read it into the record and that’s it. When are we going to go after this committee, sir?

Kash Patel:  Well, maybe they need to start reading this great reporting by the Daily Mail, which, by the way, I think is a part of a multi-part piece that’s coming. There’s more on this. The story is not being done. One headline alone would be the story of the year about threatening a cabinet secretary with legal action for daring to put out the truth. What the members of Congress need to do is start subpoenaing every single member of that committee. Liz Cheney and Cassidy Hutchinson should be front and center before the United States public, answering questions on their oath. By the way, Cassidy Hutchinson, who lied under oath and is now being sued for defamation and was their star witness. These two combined to write the Christopher Steele dossier of January 6th and now have been completely exposed.