March 3, 2024 – Chris Huttman, the partner of Fani Willis’ deputy Jeff DiSantis works with Biden 2024 campaign

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Chris Huttman, the business partner of Fulton County’s Deputy District Attorney Jeff DiSantis, works with President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, financial disclosures reviewed by Breitbart News show.

Huttman is also associated with Canal Partners which claims to be the lead buying agency for Biden in 2020. (Credit: public domain)

Huttman’s connection with DiSantis is significant because sources with direct knowledge of Fulton County’s office exclusively told Breitbart News that DiSantis is a Biden plant inside the office to target former President Donald Trump.

Huttman is the “head media buyer and strategist” at “Media Buying and Analytics, LLC,” according to multiple press reports and a candidate advertisement agreement signed in 2023 with the Biden campaign.

  • Media Buying and Analytics is the top vendor for Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign.
  • The entity raked in $8,687,624 during the 2024 cycle.

Huttman’s history with Biden goes back to the 2020 cycle, according to Federal Election Commission records.

  • Media Buying and Analytics earned $1.2 million from the Biden campaign in 2020.
  • Open Secrets ranked the entity as the top Biden campaign vendor during the 2020 cycle.

Media Buying and Analytics, LLC does not have a large online footprint, but Huttman’s partnership bio with DiSantis describes him as a “media buyer and analyst he has extensive experience using polling and historical election data and has directly placed or assisted with over $100m in media spending.” It also says Huttman worked with the 2008 Obama campaign in Georgia to target the black vote. (Read more: Breitbart, 3/03/2024)  (Archive)

More info:

Why is Disantis in her office?   Documents indicate he is a high-end democratic consultant with experience up to presidential campaigns, someone who would seem to be vastly overqualified for such a position in a local DA’s office.

Question #1 – Why did he join the DA’s office and is he a playing a role other than what his title would suggest?

Disantis is also a principal of 20/20 Insight, LLC. and is associated with Chris Huttman. 2020/Insight’s website describes them as:

Question #2 – Is it appropriate (or even legal) for a District Attorney employee to be employed by a clearly partisan corporation while working for the DA’s office?

Who is Chris Huttman and what skills does he bring to 20/20 Insight?

20/20 Insight’s website:  “Chris is the technology director for 20/20 Insight, and is a former candidate for state representative in Georgia.  As a media buyer and analyst he has extensive experience using polling and historical election data and has directly placed or assisted with over $100m in media spending.

So it would appear that Huttman is an expert in finding and analyzing data.   The AJC quoted his work in polling about Buckhead splitting from the City of Atlanta:

Huttman is also associated with Canal Partners which claims to be the lead buying agency for Biden in 2020 and involved in every presidential race since 1988.

Earlier in the Fani Willis case she arranged for a Special Grand Jury to be selected.  Very shortly after the Jury was excused, the Foreman, Emily Kohrs, took the surprising step of appearing on various national media and discussing aspects of the Special Grand Jury’s work.

At the time, many suggested this might put a key flaw in the viability of any charges that might be brought as a result of the Special Grand Jury’s recommendations.

The Hill reported that former Governor Chris Christie said: “I think she did a lot of damage to the case,” Christie said in an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, but added that “she didn’t violate the law.”

It was also reported at the time that Kohrs was a follower and perhaps a practitioner of Wicca (aka witchcraft.)

Question #3 – How could such a person be picked for a Special Grand Jury and also selected as Foreman?

Some point to the entry of Disantis into Willis’ office and his connection to 20/20 Insight and Chris Huttman as possible clues.

Chris Huttman was acknowledged as a data and analysis expert.   He has been quoted in Atlanta publications citing various studies he has conducted and the precision with which he has been able to identify and poll groups of individuals within the community.

Question #4 – Was Disantis, working within Willis’ office part of the Jury selection process?

With the capabilities of 20/20 Insight and Chris Huttman would they have been able to create a jury pool conducive to the outcome wished?      We don’t know.

Would such a pool yield members who might be biased to the point of predefining the jury’s findings and recommendations?

While the information spawns more questions than answers, it does add to the befuddling steps and players that have been a part of these indictments and drama for more than a year. 

(Read more: The Georgia Record, 2/29/2024)  (Archive)