March 5, 2024 – Joe Biden’s illegal alien crime wave starts to get public attention – Grady Judd human trafficking bust press conference

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The Daily Mail has an article detailing dozens of violent crimes perpetrated by Joe Biden’s illegal alien border invasion [SEE HERE]. The subject theme is “the grim toll of a migrant crime wave sweeping across the United States.”  The article details the graphic and horrific nature of multiple violent criminals who came into the country illegally and murdered, raped, assaulted and organized into groups for the purpose of robbery and theft.

Additionally, in Polk County Florida, Sheriff Grady Judd outlines a sting operation called “March Sadness” where 228 people were arrested and 13 victims of human trafficking were rescued by the police unit.  The details shared by Sherriff Judd are sobering as he outlines exactly what was taking place and how the illegal alien trafficking system is creating victims from many of the female migrants. [ARTICLE HERE] – WATCH (prompted):

The details of these articles and press conferences are likely not a surprise to CTH readers as we have discussed exactly these scenarios in our SAF (slowly at first) ground reports.  Unfortunately, the outcomes described by the Daily Mail accounting and the sting operation by Sherriff Judd are likely only the tip of the iceberg.

What Judd outlines about the federal government giving the illegal aliens free airline tickets is infuriating.  Watch that video above for details.

Sherriff Grady Judd

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