March 8, 2019 – 35 Key People Involved In The Russia Hoax Who Need To Be Investigated

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations, Listing of Participants by Katie Weddington

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell discusses Clinton creating a Russian collusion conspiracy theory without evidence on May 31, 2017. (Video)

(…) “The following all played a part in the stunning and successful effort by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to infect the executive branch of the federal government with Trump-Russia conspiracy theories. Various writings—either authored by a Brit with ties to the Kremlin who was indirectly paid by Clinton’s campaign, or directly written by Hillary Clinton cronies—were funneled into the federal government through multiple avenues.

Partisan Democrats in the Obama administration were all too willing to believe the allegations, and use them as an excuse for bad behavior whether they believed them or not.

The documents have been called “dossiers,” but that really just attaches a fancy term to a Word document full of unverified mumbo jumbo that alleged Trump-Russia collusion. Those Word documents were then used to spy on the opposing political party’s presidential campaign, and to plant stories in the media right before the election insinuating that Trump had nefarious ties with Russia.

Here are 36 people who should be interviewed under oath, if they have not been interviewed already, some of whom should be subjected to criminal prosecution.”

(Read the list here: The Federalist, 3/08/2019)