March 8, 2024 – Sheriff Dar Leaf accuses Michigan prosecutor of attempting to take control of his ongoing investigation into Michigan 2020 presidential election

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Michigan Sheriff Dar Leaf (Credit: Screenshot/WXMI)

Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf announced that he has launched an investigation into the handling of the Michigan 2020 election, implicating Dominion Voting Systems officials, Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Attorney General Dana Nessel, computer scientist J. Alex Halderman, and others in potential misconduct.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported in 2022 that Sheriff Dar Leaf filed a lawsuit against the lawless and obstructive actions of Attorney General Dana Nessel, who regularly mocks and threatens her political opponents, together with Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who’s blocked the efforts of citizens and law enforcement to investigate voter fraud and voter irregularities related to the 2020 election.

The Barry County Sheriff is also suing MI Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s henchman, Jonathan Brater.

Jonathan Brater (CSpan clipping)

Jonathan Brater is Michigan’s Director of Elections, a member of the executive branch of state government, and an employee of the state. As director of elections, Mr. Brater is “vested with the powers and shall perform the duties of the secretary of state under his or her supervision, with respect to the supervision and administration of the election laws.”

The lawsuit states that Attorney General Nessel, who has no accountability to the Barry County Electorate, and even less authority to encroach upon the law enforcement functions of a constitutional sheriff, has committed a flagrant violation of constitutional and statutory laws by usurping the power of Sheriff Dar Leaf by obstructing, impeding, prejudging the ability of a duly elected official to conduct a criminal investigation into allegations of criminal acts related to the 2020 election and voting.

  • Defendants, without authority, encroached upon Sheriff Dar Leaf’s duties by obstructing and interfering with his lawful investigation, obstructing justice in the process, and covering up evidence and crimes, including those that they themselves were involved in and conspired with others to commit.
  • Defendants usurped and otherwise obstructed an elected constitutional officer and prevented him from performing his constitutional, statutory, and common-law duties as County Sheriff in accordance with the Michigan Constitution, and state and federal laws.
  • Defendants, without legitimate authority, also unconstitutionally and unlawfully confiscated property, documents, and information (including voting machines with its attendant software, programs, and data), all of which was required to be sealed, preserved, protected, and retained by federal law.
  • Defendants acted in concert or individually to transfer and reallocate the duties and powers of the Plaintiff, usurping his power and removing from him or otherwise preventing his ability to perform his constitutional and statutory duties.
  • Defendants acts included but are not limited to threatening, harassing, and interfering with witnesses, local government officials (including township clerks), deputies, agents, and experts, and interfering with, obstructing, and otherwise defiling investigative works and the results of such works; confiscating and/or destroying confidential files and information pertaining to an ongoing investigation; unconstitutionally and unlawfully (and without the proper procedure) usurping Plaintiff’s law enforcement functions and authorities, which are exclusively reserved to him under Michigan common law and statutory law; stepping in to quell an ongoing legitimate investigation, confiscating confidential files and documents related thereto; obstructing, harassing, and/or threatening his deputies and agents conducting the law enforcement function on his behalf as they are allowed to do exclusively and with immunity under Michigan law, confiscating voting equipment and information and data that is required by federal law to be protected and preserved.

On or about November 3, 2020, Plaintiff Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf received information that election fraud and voting machine fraud was taking place in Barry County, Michigan, before, during, and after the November 2020 election.

Pursuant to his exclusive common-law and statutory duties to investigate and ferret out criminal activity occurring within his county, Sheriff Leaf opened an investigation.

D. H. Hilson (Credit: public domain)

On Thursday, Sheriff Leaf received a subpoena from the office of Muskegon County Prosecutor D.J. Hilson, ordering him to present his law enforcement files at the Oakland County courthouse with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Leaf has expressed reluctance to comply fully with the subpoena, citing concerns over compromising his department’s ongoing investigation.

Sheriff Leaf asserts that his department possesses sensitive documents, including email communications that suggest Dominion employees directed Serbian foreign nationals to remotely access Michigan’s election system before the certification of the 2020 election results.

These documents include emails that allegedly corroborate evidence contained in expert reports of foreign access to Michigan election equipment.

In addition to the allegations against Dominion, Sheriff Leaf’s files reportedly contain communications from J. Alex Halderman, a University of Michigan Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, who offered assistance to Dominion employees implicated in the investigation.

Halderman is accused of failing to disclose significant security breaches in Michigan’s election equipment and of concealing evidence pertinent to the case.

Recall that Halderman was the same person who was able to HACK A DOMINION VOTING MACHINE to change the tabulation In Front Of U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg in the courtroom! Halderman USED ONLY A PEN TO CHANGE VOTE TOTALS!

Also, Sheriff Leaf disclosed that his office and central dispatch experienced a network outage on the day of the subpoena, leading to suspicions of an attempt to obstruct the investigation.

The Gateway Pundit spoke with Sheriff Dar Leaf who confirmed to us that the letter was his and is accurate.

Transcript of the affidavit by Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf:

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