May 10, 2024 – Bragg’s paralegal testifies three pages of phone calls between Stormy Daniels’ lawyer and Michael Cohen were deleted

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Court sketch of Jaden Jamel-Schneider (Credit: Jane Rosenberg/CNN)

(…) Defense attorney Emil Bove is challenging the evidence prosecutors are putting forward, asking paralegal Jaden Jarmel-Schneider about the deletion of some toll records between Keith Davidson and Michael Cohen after the defense submitted recordings between the two from 2018.

The paralegal has admitted that they’ve deleted some call records from the files. Bove also has Jarmel-Schneider confirm that some calls were removed from an exhibit of calls between Gina Rodriguez and Dylan Howard.

Bove said it was three-pages worth of records.

Jarmel-Schneider took issue with Bove characterizing it as a “significant” number but he did acknowledge some were removed.

“At this trial, you’re sort of the guardian of the toll records?” Bove asks.

“I don’t know if I’d say that, but if you say so,” Jarmel-Schneider responds.

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Full Text:

One of Alvin Bragg’s paralegals admitted on the stand today in the Trump trial that his office deleted three pages worth of phone calls between Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Keith Davidson and Michael Cohen.

Not only that but they submitted the call records into evidence but didn’t mention to Trump’s team that some of the files were deleted.

This trial becomes more insane by the day.