May 12, 2020 – Flynn judge orders retired judicial ally to file brief supporting prosecution of Michael Flynn

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“Judge Sullivan is requesting retired judge John Gleeson to file an amicus brief outlining why: (a) the charge against Flynn should not be dropped, and (b) frame the argument about how to prosecute Flynn for perjury.

Former Judge John Gleeson (U.S. district judge for the Eastern District of New York) recently penned an op-ed in the Washington Post arguing that Flynn should continue to be prosecuted.

John Gleeson (Credit: Wikipedia)

May 11, 2020 – (…)  There has been nothing regular about the department’s effort to dismiss the Flynn case. The record reeks of improper political influence. Hours after the career prosecutor abruptly withdrew, the department moved to dismiss the indictment in a filing signed only by an interim U.S. attorney, a former aide to Attorney General William P. Barr whom Barr had installed in the position months before.

The department now says it cannot prove its case. But Flynn had already admitted his guilt to lying to the FBI, and the court had accepted his plea. The purported reasons for the dismissal clash not only with the department’s previous arguments in Flynn’s case — where it assured the court of an important federal interest in punishing Flynn’s dishonesty, an interest it now dismisses as insubstantial — but also with arguments it has routinely made for years in similar cases not involving defendants close to the president. John Gleeson

There are now questions being raised about whether Judge Emmett Sullivan is having ex-parte communication about the case; with outside interests helping to steer the decision-making. It would not come as a surprise to discover this is happening, albeit unethically.

Now the purpose of the leaked conference call, aka instructions, from former President Barack Obama comes into play; especially considering that Obama specifically mentioned “perjury” which is now part of what Judge Sullivan is attempting to accomplish.” (Conservative Treehouse, 5/13/2020)  (Archive)

Ironically, it appears Judge Gleeson will be arguing against a precedent that was set in a case he oversaw in October 2014.


On May 11, 2020, John Gleeson penned this Washington Post article, “The Flynn case isn’t over until the judge says it’s over.

The attorneys for the Mueller team withheld Brady evidence from General Flynn for over a year.

Just a reminder, the last time the Lawfare types filed an outraged amicus brief with a court…

…it was with the FISA Court, trying to claim that @DevinNunes memo was false for claiming FISA abuse 🤦🏻‍♂️

— Undercover Huber (@JohnWHuber) May 13, 2020