May 16, 2024 – Patrick Byrne and Stefanie Lambert speak following hearing to disqualify Lambert from Dominion defamation case

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“Dominion has the pattern of seeking to prevent me from being an attorney for my clients because I know too much, and I understand too much.” – Stefanie Lambert in court on Thursday.

Michigan attorney Stefanie Lambert faced a disqualification hearing in Dominion’s defamation case against Patrick Byrne on Thursday after Dominion filed a Motion to Disqualify her from representing Byrne, alleging she violated a protective order in the case.

(…) During the hearing to remove Lambert from this case for the seemingly unprecedented reason of violating a court order, Dominion attorneys desperately tried to justify their request despite having no standard or legal precedence. They admitted that there was no prior case law and claimed that Lambert’s previous and future actions “might actually hinder” Dominion attorneys’ “ability to do their job” and prove that Patrick Byrne defamed them by saying the 2020 election was stolen.

At one point, the far-left Dominion attorneys even presented a tweet by Byrne, in which he critiqued Judge Juan Merchan’s unconstitutional gag order against President Trump. They ridiculously claimed Byrne violated the gag order in Trump’s case by sharing a post by Trump and “spreading the information himself” and that he cannot be trusted to follow the Court’s orders.

When the Judge questioned Lambert, she pleaded that she did not violate the order by turning over evidence of crimes, including alleged perjury by Dominion CEO John Poulos, to law enforcement. “Everyone can go to law enforcement and report crimes, and I have an oath and an obligation to do that,” Lambert told the Judge. The Judge requested in the future that Lambert seek relief from the Court’s order to turn over evidence of criminal misconduct found in discovery to law enforcement, and Lambert agreed.

However, Dominion attorneys argued, “she says to you now that she’ll come to the court if she finds new evidence of criminal activity because she doesn’t have to anymore,” claiming that Sheriff Dar Leaf could have every document in his possession already, while seemingly not disputing the claims of criminal activity.

In another hysterical rant by Dominion attorneys to the Judge, they questioned Lambert’s explanation that she and Patrick Byrne never expected Dominion to hand over evidence of criminal acts in discovery and did not believe that turning this evidence over to law enforcement would violate the protective order. Without disputing the notion that evidence of criminal acts was discovered, the attorney said the idea that Lambert will now follow the rules is “not credible” because the documents showed “apparently exactly what she and her client have been saying the documents would show.”

After a short recess, the Judge ordered Patrick Byrne and Stefanie Lambert to desist from sharing or discussing confidential discovery material and to come to the Court with future questions or requests for relief. When Lambert asked the Judge on Byrne’s behalf how to proceed if Byrne is asked by Congress, the DOJ, or law enforcement to cooperate with an investigation, the Judge told them to follow the strict guidelines of the protective order and file a request before sharing any confidential information.

Finally, the Judge said she would take the matter under advisement to issue a ruling at a later date and asked Dominion to file their exhibits by the close of business on Friday. (Read more: The Gateway Pundit, 5/17/2024) (Archive)