May 2, 2024 – Trump files unsealed motion to dismiss on selective/vindictive prosecution in Florida case…slams Hillary Clinton

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations by Katie Weddington

President Trump filed an unsealed motion to dismiss Jack Smith’s classified documents case for vindictive and selective prosecution.

The motion was originally filed under seal in February. Judge Cannon authorized Trump to file an unsealed version of the motion to dismiss Jack Smith’s case.

Trump’s legal team in February filed several motions to dismiss Jack Smith’s classified documents case.

Judge Cannon previously denied Trump’s motion to dismiss the classified docs case on ‘unconstitutional vagueness’ of the Espionage Act, however, a third motion based on selective prosecution is still pending.

In his unsealed motion to dismiss, Trump highlighted how others such as James Comey, Joe Biden, Mike Pence, and Bill and Hillary Clinton all illegally possessed classified documents yet they were never prosecuted.

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