May 24, 2020 – Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Library (continuous updates)

In Clinton Foundation Timeline, Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations by Katie Weddington

By: Larry Doyle

Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Library: As our following grows, we welcome maintaining this ongoing ‘library’ at which you’ll find much info/extensive links. Our only request? Please retweet/share this library far and wide. Armed with info, we can’t/won’t be beat. Let’s roll:

** NOTE: Please know I use the term Book in these texts not literally but rather in a colloquial fashion. I want to make sure that I am not potentially confusing anybody. That said, I did write a book published in January 2014 titled In Bed with Wall Street (Palgrave MacMillan) exposing real financial regulatory corruption.

Book 1: “US House Oversight and Government Reform Congressional Hearing (December 13, 2018) on Not-for-Profits w/Specific Case Study on Clinton Foundation”. We enter at the 90-minute mark:

Book 2: “Appeal to US Tax Court”: Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle-Moynihan) v IRS. In early 2019 we receive final denial from IRS to our whistleblower submission. In March 2019, we appeal to USTC. Case is ongoing: U.S. Tax Court/Docket Display

Book 3: “Let’s Follow the Drugs” back to India in 2003. Learn about Clinton Fdn partner company Ranbaxy Pharma distributing garbage drugs, guilty plea to 7 felony counts/paid $500mm fine in 2013 (3 days after Lois Lerner/ IRS/Tea Party Patriots explodes):

14. October 11, 2019: Former Ranbaxy execs (Singh brothers) are arrested on a subsequent $337mm fraud;

15. March 2020: Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers, Doyle and Moynihan v IRS case proceeds in US Tax Court:

— FBH (Financial Bounty Hunters/USA) (@LWDoyleUSA) March 17, 2020

Book 4: “The Perils of Drug Resistance”: those garbage drugs carry real price called drug resistance. Learn a LOT on that topic and supply chains. #BillClinton, #BillGates, #HillaryClinton, current #WHO chair #DrTedrosAdhanom need to be called to account:

Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle-Moynihan): How is it that new viruses develop? At least partially due to drug resistance from attempting to fight prior viruses, such as HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). Why do Clinton Foundation, Gates Fdn & Global Fund need to be called on the carpet and held to account? Indian-based Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals (Clinton Fdn partner) pled guilty to 7 felony counts and paid a $500mm fine in 2013 for actions going back to 2003 in producing and distributing ‘garbage drugs:

— FBH (Financial Bounty Hunters/USA) (@LWDoyleUSA) March 23, 2020

Book 5: “Let’s Follow the Money”: learn about #USAID/#PEPFAR, WHO-affiliates Geneva-based #GlobalFund and #UNITAID (Clinton Fdn largest donor) (#GatesFoundation on both boards), flows of $$, HRC State Dept interaction w/#GlobalFund ‘tantamount to #fraud:

Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers, (Doyle-Moynihan): In light of our current public health crisis, I expect we will be hearing more from/about the World Health Organization (WHO) and the need for more global government funding a la a new Global Fund. Stay with me. This gets good:

— FBH (Financial Bounty Hunters/USA) (@LWDoyleUSA) March 27, 2020

Book 5 Epilogue: Not technically part of our formal whistleblower submission but worthy of inclusion in the library: “#GlobalFund Donors -#Covid19 Correlation.” We highlight 80%+ correlation between top donors to GF and those nations being hit w/#Covid19:

1. The other day, we followed the $$, connected the dots and highlighted real probable cause of corruption/ fraud w/Clinton Foundation, USAID/PEPFAR, and Geneva-based Global Fund which is part of World Health. Let’s keep following $$ in re correlation with #Covid19. Stick w/me:

— FBH (Financial Bounty Hunters/USA) (@LWDoyleUSA) March 31, 2020

Books 1-5 provide a nice backdrop to our 4+ years’ efforts but really only scratch the surface. We submitted to the #IRS, #DOJ, #FBI, #USPS, #NYSAG and others w/judicial oversight/responsibility 100+ formal exhibits >6000+ pages inc: email exchanges, foreign contracts, interviews current (Clinton Fdn CFO) and former CF execs w/much to say, internal CF legal reviews and more. We shared our story but not exhibits w/Congress. They can’t make a case. We’re fighting for you, the American taxpayers. Pls join the fight. Share this CF Whistleblower Library. TYVM!

Book 6: Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation: Some might think him the smartest guy in the room and w/biggest wallet. Upon further reflection, “friends like these who needs enemies”

Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle-Moynihan): Let’s take harder look at individual and organization whom many in US and around the world hold out as ‘the smartest guy(s) in the room’ along with having the biggest wallet to back it up. Who? #BillGates and #GatesFoundation

— FBH (Financial Bounty Hunters/USA) (@LWDoyleUSA) April 3, 2020

Book 7: US State Dept-PEPFAR-Clinton Foundation-Ivy League Universities-501c3s AND more: “Garbage drugs, drug resistance; Ivy-league universities scoring huge US govt grants; fraud within Clinton partners and MORE:

Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle-Moynihan) Given the now daily presence of the President’s Coronavirus Task Force in our lives inc. our lead representative to PEPFAR and US rep to the board of the Global Fund, let’s navigate these paths in re Clinton Fdn(stick w/me)

— FBH (Financial Bounty Hunters/USA) (@LWDoyleUSA) April 8, 2020

Book 8: Clinton Foundation/CHAI – Population Services Intl How do American taxpayer $ line Clintons’ pockets? Here’s how > Donors to CHAI Inc: WHO, Global Fund, & Population Services Intl (all receiving big $ by USG):

Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Library:
Book 8: Clinton Foundation/CHAI – Population Services Intl
How do American taxpayer $ line the Clintons’ pockets? Here’s how >> Donors to CHAI inc: World Health Org, Global Fund, and Population Services Intl (all primarily funded by USG)

— FBH (Financial Bounty Hunters/USA) (@LWDoyleUSA) April 9, 2020

Book 9: “I Know Where All the Bodies Are Buried” (#ClintonFoundation CFO, 11-30-16, ~8:15 am, Princeton Club, NYC):

Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle-Moynihan): “I know where all the bodies are buried”: Clinton Foundation CFO made that statement to my partner and I on November 30, 2016 at a breakfast meeting in NYC. (details in this 5-minute clip @CSPAN

— FBH (Financial Bounty Hunters/USA) (@LWDoyleUSA) April 10, 2020

Book 10: Clinton Foundation/CHAI: Largest Donor is the World Health Organization hosted entity UNITAID:

Clinton Foundation/CHAI Largest Reported Donor > UNITAID, ‘hosted’ by World Health Organization. Let’s ‘keep punching’: Who is UNITAID ( A Geneva-based organization founded in 2006 by Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and a host of others.

— FBH (Financial Bounty Hunters/USA) (@LWDoyleUSA) April 11, 2020

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