May 25, 2024 – A Pfizer whistleblower from vaccine manufacturing plant voices concerns of what was put in the vaccine

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Exclusive Breaking: Explosive claims from Pfizer Whistle-blower after shock post to say she isn’t suicidal.

Pfizer CEO Adam Bourla and the shocking things going on at the vaccine manufacturing plant and what was put in the vaccines!!!!!

This could provide evidence that could strip Pfizer of its indemnity and lead to criminal prosecution. Please share far and wide.

Luciferase in the Vaccines! Pics shown of the vaccines show something extremely concerning. Luciferase has been used before.

Pfizer internal database shows a $20,000 or $200,000 payment received from none other than Bill Gates.

Why would Bill Gates be paying large sums of money to Pfizer.

Strange boxes of ingredients were arriving from China and they were being mixed into the vaccines.

The quality control and those who were trained to mix the ingredients did not know what was being mixed into the vaccines by the compounding department.

This is shocking beyond belief.

Wuhan China appeared to be the epicentre of the Covid outbreak but then we heard about the Wuhan lab and the connection to Fauci in the United States and the Gain of function funding from the NIH.

However it gets stranger.

Pfizer has a research and development lab in China and its address happens to be 666. I’m sure that this is completely coincidental right !!? Wrong. This information is from within Pfizer’s own internal database.

Many of the documents contained within the Pfizer database were written in Chinese.

Pfizer employees told to “hide from them” during visits to the Pfizer manufacturing facility by the FDA.

Supervisors were stationed during these visits to prevent anyone from the FDA coming into contact with Pfizer employees working at the facility. This also happened with American Lawmakers, Senators and anyone with any official capacity.

Pfizer managers in the facility even blacked out windows in the manufacturing floor to prevent people seeing what they were doing with the vaccines inside.

We show startling video evidence of this in this shocking report.

Pfizer were questioned about the vaccines containing graphene oxide. The internal Pfizer documents and emails reveal a startling response. Senior managers suggested a lie instead.

Aborted foetus cells were being used in the vaccines and Pfizer went to extreme lengths to prevent the public from knowing.

T Cells classed as immortal cells cause cancer. These were put into the vaccines. Is this related to Turbo cancers, early onset cancers?

Why was Klaus Schwab the Cult leader of the World Economic Forum (WEF) involved in this clandestine Pfizer operation? He has had regular secret closed door meetings with Adam Bourla and also appeared on stage regularly at WEF meetings at Davos.

The last slide and piece of evidence from VAERS show that early on they knew that both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were causing significant harm and injury.

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On October 6, 2021, Project Veritas highlighted Melissa McAtee, a former Pfizer employee who leaked company emails that alleged the use of cell lines derived from human fetal tissues in mRNA vaccine lab testing.

While reports claim that there are no aborted fetal cells in the vaccines, McAtee and Project Veritas released a surprising email featuring Vanessa Gelman, the Pfizer senior director for worldwide research, development, and medical communications, who said the pharmaceutical firm “should steer clear of the topic.” The email reportedly read, “We have been trying as much as possible not to mention the fetal cell lines.”

In addition, McAtee has voiced her concerns over the vaccine’s ingredients and its links to injuries and deaths.

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