May 28, 2024 – Election Watch accuses Senator Tammy Baldwin and others of laundering $ millions into their campaigns via illegal smurfing

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations, Featured Timeline Entries by Katie Weddington

Exclusive: I accuse United States Senator Tammy Baldwin of criminally laundering $27,850,750 into her campaigns since 2017, including the current one. She is committing illegal Smurfing, i.e. structured money laundering. We have documented this in extreme detail using state and federal government data.

Baldwin has numerous campaign committees, PACS, and other sources funding her campaigns. This is pure election fraud by Baldwin and all those participating with her. She is stealing from the elderly their identities to use in laundering money into her campaign. Baldwin is committing identity theft and elderly financial abuse.

One specific example is Baldwin using the name of a real person called Sonia (so are many other liberals using this same person), where Sonia has been making 69,433 contributions since 2017. This means Sonia – who is in assisted living, as confirmed by her daughter – has made 7.5 contributions per day on average, every day of the year, for 7.5 years. But, Sonia did not make these contributions. It was ActBlue and its former corrupt founders Ben Rahn, Matt DeBergalis and Jonathan Zucker. Zucker is now running the very corrupt Democracy Engine – a PAC also committing Smurfing on a massive scale to fund liberal campaigns.

Joe Biden is protecting this entire racket, and yes his campaign is into smurfing big time. Late last year Biden put Dara Lindenbaum on as a Commissioner of the FEC (federal election commission overseas campaign finance). Not long after we broke the whole smurfing scheme with James O’Keefe. Dara was an attorney on Stacy Abrams campaign, the Abrams campaign was into Smurfing big time. This is all election fraud, on a massive scale. This is why campaigns have skyrocketed in spending to unreal heights. The money is coming in from China, from the US Treasury and other unlawful places. Yet no attorney or law enforcement will step up to bring justice.

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Joe Biden is tops, then US Senator Raphael Warnock in 2nd place, Baldwin is in the top ten that is for sure. From AP News, March 2024: “The president raised $53 million alone last month, which was the strongest grassroots fundraising month since the campaign launched, according to campaign officials. Among those efforts was a contest for supporters to attend a fundraiser on March 28 in New York with Biden, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton that raised $4 million last month. ‘The enthusiasm we’re picking up as we go around the country is real,’ Biden said in a radio interview with WNOV 860 in Wisconsin last week. ‘We’ve raised a whole lot of money. We have 1.5 million donors, including 500,000 are brand new, they’re small donors; 97% of the donations under $200.'” No, Joe you didn’t. Old Joe: the vast majority of those donations were from Smurfing, i.e. illegal money laundered into your campaign. You’re participating in criminal money laundering, identity theft, elderly financial abuse and more.