May 30, 2024 – Hillary gloats over Trump’s conviction and sells “merch” on her Instagram account

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A smug Hillary Clinton touted new merch with the slogan “Turns out she was right about everything” — just hours after former rival Donald Trump became the first ex-president ever to be convicted of felony criminal charges.

The former secretary of state took to Instagram Thursday to promote a $22 mug — complete with a painted image of herself sipping tea — in the wake of a Manhattan jury finding Trump, 77, guilty at his historic hush money trial.

“We recently had some new merch made based on a phrase I hear a lot. The design happened to be finalized today,” Clinton wrote alongside the post.


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“With your purchase, you’ll support Onward Together groups defending democracy … and get a pretty great mug to sip tea from,” she added, referring to the organization she founded to raise funds for progressive political groups.

Clinton, who lost the 2016 presidential election to Trump, has repeatedly railed against her former GOP rival — claiming that he is a threat to democracy — and once even decried him as an “illegitimate president.”

The Democrat aired the illegitimacy remarks in a CBS interview in 2019 as she claimed Trump’s campaign engaged in “voter suppression,” “voter purging,” “hacking” and “false stories” to win the election. (Read more: The New York Post, 5/31/2024)  (Archive)

Full Text:

Hillary Clinton deleted 30k emails.

Epstein’s clients walk free.

Mayorkas allowed invasion of our border.

Pelosi’s rich from insider trading.

Hunter is a crack addict with hookers.

Biden sold access to Chinese commies.

Steven D’Antuano staged the Whitmer fed-napping & Jan 6th.

Peter Strzock & Lisa Page weaponized the FBI to “get Trump.”

Fauci lied about funding gain-of-function that created the COVID-19 virus.

Cuomo killed 11k elderly people in NY.

Pfizer & Moderna lied about the safety of the mRNA jabs.

Planned Parenthood sold aborted baby body parts.

They’re all walking free.

But TRUMP is convicted for… paying his attorney?