May 8, 2017 – How sleeper patriot Carter Page reacts to the media leaks with a clever use of tradecraft

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations by Katie Weddington

Weeks after FBI opened its investigation & narrowed to Wolfe as a suspect, Carter was emailing taunts to @WaPo & @nytimes reporters with James Wolfe *blind copied* as a recipient.

This email from @carterwpage would as a tracer for the FISA leak recipient, directly identifying @nakashimae for prosecutors when she was the only reporter of 5 to “respond” to the “invisible” copied target, James Wolfe.

Take a moment to reflect on the irony: @carterwpage, all times under 100% FISA surveillance for being an alleged “agent of a hostile foreign power”, is sending emails that identify leak-networks for federal prosecutors AND are used as multiple pieces of “State’s evidence”…🤔

QUESTION: How does Page know James Wolfe is involved? Page was approached by Ali Watkins & Brian Ross, also Wapo & NYT reporters, but how would Page know about logistics of his FISA or which “government operatives” were to blame?

How’d he find out in 2 weeks? While under FISA?

This amazing display of trade-craft, specifically using emails to *indirectly transmit* key investigative leads to federal authorities by way of *intercepted* communications via FISA, is notable..

It establishes a *pattern* of such behavior for @carterwpage.

See his email to the international body @OSCE to *indirectly* inform FBI/Comey that he knew about Christopher Steele.

Carter was the first in the world to “report” about that, FWIW.

Carter Page also sent another email, the day before his letter to reporters, to the House Intel Committee.

In this email Carter names reporters at @ABCnews & @Buzzfeednews (@brianross & @aliwatkins) as responsible for Felony #1, the leaking of his protected identity within the Buryakov case.

Carter names reporters at @Wapo as responsible for Felony #2. Note that Carter does not mention @nytimes reporters in the formal complaint to HPSCI even though he would mention them the next day in the informal ‘trap’ email to the reporters. 🤔

Note that everyone that Carter has “named”, has suffered consequences:

James Wolfe, named in the blind cc email, was of course prosecuted, convicted, and defamed.

The reporters Carter named responsible for Felony #1 were both demoted from their careers on the NatSec beat *within 24 hours of each other* in July 2018.

They claimed “bad reporting” for Ross and “ethics review” for Watkins. Both were poor cover stories.

The reporter responsible for Felony #2 was masked as Reporter #1 in the Wolfe indictment but slyly revealed by @carterwpage as @nakashimae when he leveraged a female identifier dropped by prosecutor Jessie K. Liu to eliminate 4 other male contenders.

Notable: @nakashimae escaped having her career destroyed like Ross, Watkins & Wolfe. Is it due to interface with FBI and 2wk hold before publishing? Ali waited just as long; why did she suffer? How did Ross get his paws on the leak and why is he named nowhere? Always more…

(@MonsieursGhost, 12/17/2021)