November 30, 2023 – At Weaponization of Government subcommittee hearing, Goldman engages in conspiracy theory that Rudy Giuliani and Russia might have manipulated Hunter laptop

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(Credit: The Gateway Pundit)

(…) During a hearing of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Federal Government on Thursday, journalist Michael Shellenberger delivered a striking rebuttal to Democrat Representative Dan Goldman’s suggestions of conspiracy involving Rudy Giuliani, Russia, and the Hunter Biden laptop story.

The hearing, aimed at examining federal government-sanctioned internet suppression and attacks on journalists and media outlets, featured notable figures such as Matt Taibbi, Twitter Files journalist and author; Michael Shellenberger, environmentalist and author; Rupa Subramanya, a Canada-based journalist for The Free Press; and Olivia Troye, former Homeland Security Advisor.

The confrontation between Shellenberger and Goldman (D-NY) arose when Goldman questioned the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop’s contents, implying potential manipulation by Giuliani or Russia. Shellenberger confidently asserted the legitimacy of the contents, challenging Goldman’s baseless conspiracy theory.

“You’ve talked about the Hunter Biden laptop and how the FBI knew it existed. You are aware, of course, that the laptop, so to speak, that was published in The New York Post was actually a hard drive that the New York Post admitted here was not authenticated as real. It was not the laptop the FBI had. You’re aware of that, right?’ Dan Goldman asked.

“It was the same contents,” Shellenberger responded, confidently challenging the representative’s implications.

“How do you know?” Goldman fired back.

“Because it’s the same,” Shellenberger replied curtly.

Goldman then theorized that hard drives can be manipulated, suggesting the possibility of tampering by figures like Rudy Giuliani or even foreign entities such as Russia. Shellenberger stood his ground, asking for evidence to back Goldman’s claims. As Goldman struggled to present any substantial evidence, Shellenberger accused him of “engaging in a conspiracy.”

Goldman: You would have to authenticate it to know it was the same contents. You have no idea. You know hard drives manipulated.

Shellenberger: Are you suggesting the New York Post participating in a conspiracy to construct the contents of the Hunter Biden laptops?

Goldman: No, sir. The problem is that hard drives can be manipulated by Rudy Giuliani or Russia.

Shellenberger: What’s the evidence that happened?

Goldman: Well, there is actual evidence of it, but the point is.

Shellenberger: There’s no evidence for it. So you’re engaging in a conspiracy.

Goldman, attempting to shift the conversation towards transparency, inquired if it would be more transparent for Hunter Biden to testify publicly in Congress rather than privately.

“I’m glad you agree with me, Mr. Schellenberger, that transparency is the most important thing. And my last question for you is, do you think it would be transparent if Hunter Biden came to this Congress and testified in a public hearing? And more transparent than if he testified privately?” Goldman asked.

Shellenberger admitted sarcastically that he hadn’t given it thought.

“I mean, literally, I’ve never thought about that. I have no idea,” said Shellenberger as the audience burst into laughter.

“Congress shall take no action to abridge freedom of speech, and that’s what you just describe,” Shellenberger

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