October 18, 2016 – The Crossfire Hurricane team requests a second FISA on a Russia-related investigation code-named “Dragon”

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations by Katie Weddington

(…) On October 18th, five days after receiving the Alfa Bank documents from the State Department, and two days before submitting the Carter Page FISA application to the FISC, the FBI’s elite Crossfire Hurricane team was simultaneously requesting expedited authority for a second FISA relating to another Russia-related investigation code-named “Dragon.” The Hill

The email correspondence, reviewed and initially reported by John Solomon on July 6 of 2018, was confirmed the following week during Lisa Page’s closed-door testimony. Lisa Page Transcript

Under questioning by Sean Brebbia, Lisa acknowledges the email sent October 18 between her and Peter Strzok. Lisa takes time to read the email before declining to answer any questions regarding the content in an unclassified setting.

The fact Lisa acknowledges the email and its classified nature lends credence to Solomon’s initial report, and that the content of the email is FISA-related. Solomon has seen the content of the emails, enough to summarize and report that they are discussing “approval for another FISA” for “another Russia-related investigation”. Solomon defines Dragon as separate from the four known targets investigated under the enterprise investigation code-named Crossfire Hurricane.

It should be stressed that although the Dragon investigation is described as “another” Russia-related investigation, that does not logically preclude this second FISA request from being still directly “related” to Crossfire Hurricane. In fact, it would be hard to imagine how a “Russia-related” investigation in the month preceding the 2016 election was not related to Crossfire. It would also be hard to imagine how reporters and Oversight Committee members who have read the contents would be reporting and questioning on the document out of proper context some 2 years later.” (Read more: Monsieur America, 3/09/2020)  (Archive)